Waves Audio Announces Plugin Alliance Now SoundGrid-Compatible

Waves Audio announces that Plugin Alliance will now be SoundGrid-compatible with the release of its 100% SoundGrid Bundle V1.0. 

Waves SoundGrid technology networking and processing platform for real-time professional audio applications is ideal for studios, live sound, broadcast, post-production and more.

Waves SoundGrid provides a low-latency environment for precision audio processing using standard computers, switches and servers. It integrates with analog and digital mixing consoles and provides a complete redundancy & recovery system. Together with a server, a Mac or PC host computer and an I/O, SoundGrid lets you run, in real time, a multitude of Waves reverbs, equalizers, compressors, and other mixing tools by Waves, as well as any other SoundGrid-compatible third-party plugins.
This carefully curated package delivers five precision processors from four of the most respected names in the business: Brainworx, SPL, elysia and Mäag Audio. Each plugin has been tuned and tested to run on SoundGrid to give front of house and monitor engineers their most valuable go-to devices. 

The 100% SoundGrid Bundle V1.0 includes:
—Brainworx bx_saturator V2 – From the Brainworx audio portfolio, performs M/S harmonic enhancement with precise frequency separation.
—SPL Transient Designer Plus – For shaping and controlling audio’s attack and sustain, the updated Transient Designer Plus adds convenient new tools such as a limiter, parallel mix control and internal or external sidechaining.
—SPL De-Essers – Emulations of SPL’s hardware de-essers provide single- and dual-band control over high-frequency sibilance, perfectly suited to live vocals.
—elysia mpressor – Due to advanced features such as gain reduction limiting and negative ratio values, the mpressor has been described as “the compressor from the future.”
—Mäag Audio EQ4– A model of the Utah hardware company’s 500-series equalizer, the EQ4 features a musical 6-band EQ, including its signature Air Band. 

“We’re really pleased to be able to bring products from key Plugin Alliance member companies like Brainworx, SPL, elysia and Mäag Audio to the Waves SoundGrid platform,” said Plugin Alliance CEO Matt Ward. “We have had many users from the enormous SoundGrid user base ask us when we will have plugins for them, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to say, ‘now.’” 

Mick Olesh, Waves EVP Sales & Marketing adds: “As Waves is dedicated to providing our customers the freedom to use their plugin products anywhere and everywhere, we are happy to announce that Plugin Alliance has released the 100% SoundGrid bundle. Now users can have Plugin Alliance processors right alongside their Waves plugins in the SoundGrid environment, enabling a workflow of ultimate creative freedom and flexibility.” 

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