VUE Audiotechnik Unveils Expanded e-Class Architectural Series

New e-351 Nano coaxial cube architectural loudspeaker joined by new VUEDrive V242 Systems Engine

VUE Audiotechnik has introduced two additions to its e-Class range of compact architectural speakers, including the new e-351 Nano coaxial cube loudspeaker and the new VUEDrive V242 Systems Engine.

“Balancing SPL, size and fidelity is not easy,” states VUE CEO Ken Berger. “Most compact speakers prioritize either output or sound quality. VUE e-Class is the result of a multi-year development effort to change that commonly accepted tradeoff. Thanks in large part to our work with beryllium, and the advancements we’ve made with DSP technology, the e-Class systems deliver both esoteric audiophile quality and professional sound pressure levels while being extremely elegant and compact.”

The e-351 Nano coaxial cube incorporates a 3.5-inch woofer that combines a large, high-temperature voice coil with a neodymium magnet assembly designed for improved heat distribution and distortion-free operation across a broad frequency range.

Coaxially mated to the woofer is a custom-designed, beryllium-infused, 25 mm compression tweeter. The tweeter’s horn is built through the pole-piece of the woofer’s neodymium magnetic assembly, with the unique coupling optimizing space while also intended to improve efficiency and high-frequency dispersion.

A passive crossover network is matched to the e-Class drivers and optimized to work in concert with the specialized DSP of the new VUEDrive V242 Systems Engine. The rack-mount V242 has been engineered specifically for use with e-Class systems. It;s DSP maximizes response accuracy while fostering both maximum power transfer and transducer protection.

Drivers and crossover are housed in a compact die-cast aluminum enclosure that also works as an efficient heat sink for onboard components. Finally, the aluminum is also corrosion and moisture resistant for use outdoors and in harsh weather applications.

Frequency response is stated as 120 Hz to 27 kHz), with peak sound pressure output above 112 dB SPL (at 1 meter). The enclosure measures 4.3 by 4.3 by 4.1 inches.

VUE Audiotechnik

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