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VUE Audiotechnik Es-269 ACM Subwoofer

The es-269 compact ACM subwoofer system redefines small subwoofer capabilities by producing high output exceptionally high-quality sound from a very compact dual driver system. With reference quality flat low-end response from 200 to 45 Hz, the es-269 is capable of output levels of systems typically twice the size. The es-269 is ideal for use with e-351, e-351-POE and e-352 Loudspeakers

The es-269 apples VUE’s patent-pending ACM -Active Compliance Management- technology from the hm-class subwoofers, to a new compact even “mini” subwoofer breaking the normal size ratio to SPL output standards. ACM technology combines both band-pass and vented alignments into a single enclosure. The s-269 places two high performance, 6×9-inch transducers into this configuration, with both woofers sharing a common vented chamber. One woofer’s frontal radiation is direct, while the second woofer’s frontal radiation drives the band-pass chamber.

Using sophisticated DSP the two ACM subsections combine acoustically precisely aligning the phase arrivals of the front facing woofer, the common chamber vent, and output of the bandpass chamber vent. The powerful amplifier sends 200W of pure sine wave power (350W “burst”) with a unique optimized signal to each woofer. The combination of 700 watts of burst power produces over 124 dB peak output in a half space environment (ground stacked).

The combination of ACM, precision-engineered transducers, and sophisticated electronics allows the s-269 to deliver much higher output throughout its operating bandwidth from a remarkably small enclosure.

  • Exceptionally low front profile: Architect-pleasing design with esoteric audiophile quality and professional audio output down to 40 Hz
  • ACM (Active Compliance Management): Patent-pending hybrid design combines both band-pass and vented alignments into a single, compact footprint for more output and definition.
  • Very low distortion with professional sound pressure output
  • Innovative Purpose-designed dual 6×9-inch high output cone transducers
  • Premium birch plywood enclosure with extensive internal bracing and a highly-durable Dura Coat finish.
  • Specially designed for use with the VUEDrive V242 Systems  Engine to provide a new level of sonic accuracy and output
  • Optional is-26-UB mounting bracket allows fixed installation on the wall or to the ceiling

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