VUE Audiotechnik Compact h-8, Latest Addition To h-Class Loudspeaker Family

Presents a solution for applications where space is at a premium and quality performance is demanded

VUE Audiotechnik has unveiled the latest addition to its flagship h-Class family, the new h-8, a compact design that presents an optimum solution for applications where space is at a premium and quality performance is demanded.

“The h-8 is born out of our ‘no compromises’ design philosophy,” states VUE CEO Ken Berger. “We literally re-examined everything from transducers, electronics and DSP, all the way to mechanical deployment and remote management capabilities.

“It’s a comprehensive approach that can only be done when you start with a clean slate and leverage the most advanced technologies available,” he continues. “The net result is an exceptionally capable combination of size and versatilty.”

The h-8 combines a precision-engineered 8-inch transducer with a neodymium compression driver that’s capable of exceptional high-frequency performance due to a Truextent beryllium diaphragm.

Onboard electronics include sophisticated DSP that’s programmed to address every individual element within the h-8. Dual-channel, high-efficiency amplifiers deliver ample power for both transducers while eliminating the need for cooling fans.

SystemVUE networking technology is standard in the h-8, facilitating easy connection of one or multiple h-8s with any VUE DSP-enabled system via a wired or wireless Ethernet connection to a Windows or Macintosh computer. Once connected, SystemVUE software provides access to a broad selection of network and device-level control and monitoring functions.

The h-8’s drivers and electronics are housed in a birch enclosure that includes M10 rigging points and an integrated pole-mount for both portable and fixed installation applications. The grill and handle surrounds receive a durable two-part finish that lays a coat of transparent candy-apple red over a black base for a deep hue. A heavy aluminum rear panel sports a machined “VUE”logo integrated into the heat sinks.

“The h-8 delivers a much better balance of output, clarity and frequency response than any other loudspeaker in its category,” concludes VUE Audiotechnik EVP Jim Sides. “We’re extremely excited to offer customers a true high-performance alternative for applications such as theaters, houses of worship, and any place where space and sight lines are critical.”

h-8 Highlights:

—Neodymium HF compression driver with Truextent beryllium diaphragm for exceptional high-frequency clarity and response beyond 25 kHz

—Dual-channel, high-efficiency amplifiers for exceptional transient response, low ambient noise and efficient operation without cooling fans

—Wide 100- x 40-degree coverage

—Integrated DSP with SystemVUE network control and monitoring

—Pole mount, integrated hanging points and optional rigging hardware for deployment as a main system, within multi-cabinet arrays, or in a variety of support configurations

VUE Audiotechnik

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