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Vivid Sky Productions Newest Member Of PK Alliance

Gainesville, FL-based entertainment and event company invests in T10 robotic line source elements as well as eight T218 subwoofers and a PK Cell.
Vivid Sky Productions owners John Papoulis (left) and Eric Lenasbunt with the company's new PK Sound T10/T218 components.

PK Sound has announced Gainesville, FL-based entertainment and event company Vivid Sky Productions as the newest member the PK Alliance with an investment in a T10 robotic line source system.

“PK Sound’s technology caught our interest a few years back and we’ve been impressed and intrigued with everything we’ve seen out of their camp since then,” says John “Pop” Papoulis, who, along with partner Eric Lenasbunt, co-owns Vivid Sky Productions. “We’re thrilled to join the PK Alliance and look forward to sharing the technological advantages of the Trinity series with our clients.”

“PK Sound’s T10 robotic systems are truly mind-blowing for a ‘mid-size’ PA; the output and clarity are incredible, not to mention the variable robotic coverage control,” Lenasbunt adds. “We’re proud to be joining the PK Alliance and collaborating with the other esteemed Member companies in the network.”

Vivid Sky Productions’ T10 Alliance system comprises 16 T10 robotic line source elements as well as eight T218 subwoofers and a PK Cell, which combines power, signal, and network data distribution in a globally standardized modular touring rack.

Upon taking ownership, Vivid Sky sent its T10 system out on a cross-network collaboration with other alliance members for the New York State of Mind Tour featuring Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and Busta Rhymes on a run of dates throughout North America. They’ve since deployed the system on the main stage at The Fest in Gainesville and for sold-out engagements at their own venue, Vivid Music Hall, with Ghastly and DJ Diesel, a.k.a., Shaquille O’Neal.

Vivid Sky Productions was founded in 2021 when Lenasbunt, and Papoulis joined forces after 17 years of success with separate companies. Specialties include audiovisual technologies, venue installation and labour, custom lighting and lasers, and media management.

“The team at Vivid Sky is passionate, technologically-driven, and perfectly represents the next generation of live production companies,” says Darryl Ross, Global Applications and Education Support with PK Sound. “We’re excited to welcome them to the PK Alliance and look forward to elevating the quality and impact of live events with their team and fellow alliance members.”

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