Vintage King Names Four New Los Angeles Sales Reps

In an unprecedented staff increase, Vintage King Audio has added four talented sales reps to its Los Angeles team: Matt Knobel, Bill Learned, Dylan Wood and Thomas O’Conor.

Born in Florida and raised in Queens, Matt Knobel started out as a rock drummer, but soon chose engineering as his career path.

After studying at The Center for Media Art, he began working at studios around New York, including Media Sound, Platinum Island and Power Station. He next took to the road and toured the world with Billy Joel as his keyboard tech, followed by 18 years working with Lenny Kravitz building studios and serving as his chief engineer.

“Working with Lenny on building studios was always an adventure. He takes the greatest of pride and respect in using vintage technology from all eras,” Knobel says of outfitting the Kravitz-owned studios before joining Vintage King.

Newly appointed sales rep Bill Learned’s sense of dedication can be directly linked to his decade of service in the pro audio industry as senior logistics manager and senior account manager position at his previous company.

“I learned the importance of really listening to what people need and helping them find a solution,” says Learned. “Vintage King is dominating the E-commerce platform as a marketing leader with global brand recognition. We have the best gear in the world and the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.”

Dylan Wood, born to a punk rock father and folk singer mother, became involved with music at an early age as a drummer, then started recording bands and spent years working with local artists before his stint as a recording engineer at The Compound Studio in Signal Hill, California.

His dedication to music resulted in the young engineer/drummer amassing an impressive knowledge base of studio gear. “I’ve never stopped playing music, touring or recording and I love it,” says Wood. Now on staff as a salesman at Vintage King Los Angeles, Wood brings a wealth of practical knowledge and extensive real-life recording experience.

Vintage King has also hired new sales support staff member Thomas O’Conor, who will be specializing in the world of post-production and EDU.

Houston-bred O’Conor got started as a turntablist/DJ at an early age, learning the tricks of the trade at Scratch and SAE: Los Angeles, followed by studies at the school’s London, England campus and then working at Deanland Studios in Malibu, California.

Vintage King Audio

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