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Video: Buses & I/O Explained

Do you have a firm grasp on the concepts of buses and I/O? If you're a beginning engineer and answered no, then this video is for you!
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Today I’ve got an especially exciting video for you about a revolutionary new topic; buses!

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly the kind of topic that gets people excited quite like compression or EQ, however, you’d be amazed how many questions I get on a given day about routing, or even regarding the basic funtion of an Aux track.

So, while I’m well aware that this video is talking far below the general skill set of most ProSoundWeb readers, I know there are many of you beginners out there lurking in the shadows who are don’t want or know to ask the question.

So, lets take a look at buses and I/O! As always, I hope you find the video helpful, and be sure to leave comments below!

Joe Gilder is a Nashville based engineer, musician, and producer who also provides training and advice at the Home Studio Corner.

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