Vestax Launches The VCM-600 Ableton Live Performance Controller

The new Vestax VCM-600 DJ Controller is optimized for Ableton Live’s asynchronous clip based performance paradigm.

Each of the VCM-600’s 6 control channels offers 18 knobs and switches plus a channel fader to provide unparalleled performance control over clips and loops within Ableton. 

An advanced dedicated effects control section with 16 knobs and switches combines with channel effects sends and a return section to allow serious live manipulation of Ableton’s effects.

Capable of controlling 160 parameters and triggers within Live, the VCM-600 brings Ableton alive for DJs. Each channel includes multiple cut filters, resonance and frequency controls, and clip control with LED indicators to inspire DJs to a new level of performance and software interaction. 

A master tempo and nudge section in addition to cross-fader, per-channel cross-fader assignment, and cross fader curve control complete this ground breaking control surface.

Facilitating live performance, LED panels placed on each side of the VCM-600 to illuminate the control surface and ensure that DJs can view all of the controls even in dark environments.

High quality input faders and pitch faders from the VCI-100 and PMC-580 are applied to the VCM-600 for advanced operability.

Vestax is exclusively distributed in the United States by American Music & Sound. 

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