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UK-Based Stage Sound Services Adds To EM Acoustics Inventory

First Reference Series delivery to a rental company joins more than 1,000 EM Acoustics components already available for theatre and events applications.
Stage Sound Services owner Phil Hurley (left) and commercial manager James Lewis with some of the company's new EM Acoustics Reference Series inventory.

Cardiff-based Stage Sound Services, which primarily serves the theatre and events industries both in the UK and internationally, recently bolstered its inventory with six R10 and 10 R8 point source loudspeakers from the EM Acoustics Reference Series range.

The purchase also represents the first Reference Series delivery to a rental company. Stage Sound Services now has well more than 1,000 EM Acoustics components in its stable.

“We’re very pleased to take delivery of some of the first pieces of R10 and R8, especially as we were involved in the beta-testing of the R10,” says Phil Hurley, owner of Stage Sound Services. “We’ve always supported EM Acoustics – they’re a British company that makes consistently good products, which explains why we have a lot of their gear in our inventory. When they approached us to beta-test the R10, we were very pleased to do it.

“I’ve always had the greatest respect for Ed’s [Kinsella] design talents – he’s a very clever guy – and we could see that they’d come up with something a bit special with the R10. Having tested it quite extensively on Ghost Stories in the West End where the sound designer, Nick Manning was very impressed, it was easy to make the decision to invest.

“I think R10 will become the go-to product in its category,” Hurley continues. “It can compete effortlessly against similar offerings from other manufacturers and R8 is the same thing in a smaller package. In fact, we purchased the R8s without even listening to them, simply on the basis of what we knew of the R10s. They both pack a terrific punch for their size and the sound is flawless.”

The new gear has just gone out on the stage production of Dan Brown’s popular novel, The Da Vinci Code, which opened in Bromley in early January before embarking on a nationwide tour going through November 2022.

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