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New Signal To Noise Podcast: Pro Audio Veteran & New Co-Host Kyle Chirnside

A discussion about a range of sound reinforcement aspects, including system tech and engineering as well as favorite artists to mix and much more.

By Keith Clark June 10, 2019

Welcome to the Signal To Noise podcast series on ProSoundWeb, sponsored by Shure and hosted by Live Sound/PSW editor Keith Clark, technical editor Michael Lawrence and pro audio veteran Kyle Chirnside. Click here to subscribe on iTunes.

In this new segment (Episode 7), we talk with new Signal To Noise co-host Kyle Chirnside about a range of sound reinforcement aspects, including system tech and engineering as well as favorite artists to mix and much more.

About Our Guest: Based in St. Louis, Kyle’s a live audio professional with more than 30 years of experience. He began his journey in audio mixing at local venues at the age of 15 before attending Webster University and Missouri State, where his focus was audio, and the business of entertainment production. Since then, he has held titles including house production, system tech, production manager, front of house, monitors, and tour management.

His credits include two RIAA certified platinum records and three gold records for live engineering along with one platinum and Grammy nomination for producing and engineering “LIVE in PHOENIX” by Fall Out Boy a live album/DVD release. His artist roster for front of house mixer has included Fall Out Boy, Portugal the Man, JET, and UnderOath. He also worked with MUSIC Tribe for several years where he became renowned as “the Midas guy.”


Signal To Noise Episode 6: James Stoffo

We’re joined by wireless/RF guru James Stoffo, who fills us in on best practices whether using 1 or 100 systems, the latest on the RF spectrum in the U.S., wireless “war games” and much more.


About Our Guest: James has worked with wireless systems in professional audio for three-plus decades, including serving as an RF consultant for some of the biggest live events in the business, such as the Super Bowl, the World Cup, major awards shows and many others. Currently he’s the chief technology officer of Radio Active Designs, a manufacturer of wireless intercom systems and related gear. Find out more about James here.


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Signal To Noise Episode 5: David Scheirman

We’re joined by David Scheirman, the immediate past president of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), about the [email protected] program at the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, audio education in general, and much more.

About Our Guest: David has worked in professional audio since the early 1970s in a wide range of roles, including as a frequent contributor to Live Sound International and its predecessor, Recording Engineer/Producer (go here to check out some of his articles.) He’s still going strong in his current role as director, Global Concert & Rental Business for Bose Professional as well as serving as president of the AES. And go here to find out more about David’s career.


Signal To Noise Episode 4: Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

We’re joined by Chris Mitchell, the front of house engineer for Umphrey’s McGee, an intriguing band that’s noted for experimenting with a wide range of musical styles.

We cover several topics with him, including expanding on his inaugural article for Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb entitled How To Disappear Completely, where he details his quest to remove corrective parametric EQ from the input channels of his mix.

About Our Guest: Chris is a veteran audio professional and mix engineer always on a quest to innovate with his craft. His hobbies include rebuilding vintage motorcycles and mixing consoles. Read more from Chris here.


Signal To Noise Episode 3: Bernie Broderick

We talk with industry veteran Bernie Broderick, who earlier this year founded Truth in Audio, a unique professional audio training academy, discussing:

— The upsides and downsides of current training efforts in pro audio
— The specifics and unique approach of Truth In Audio
— His previous experience in working with several leading manufacturers
— The recent “restomod” project with the EAW KF750, bringing modern tech to a loudspeaker rig that launched more than 20 years ago
— And much more

Bernie Broderick

About Our Guest: Bernie has served as in product development and as a trainer for some of the largest manufacturers (L-Acoustics, EAW and others) over several decades, and he’s bringing that expertise to Truth In Audio, which has joined forces with manufacturers and a diverse variety of experienced professionals from many facets of pro audio to provide industry-sponsored technical training.

Bernie’s had a rich, diverse career in pro audio and music, so be sure to check out this profile for more. Also find out more about what’s behind Truth In Audio here.


Signal To Noise Episode 2: Ethan Winer

Ethan Winer

We talk with Ethan Winer, the author of the widely read book “The Audio Expert,” now in its second edition, about topics that include:

— Why it’s OK to get things wrong
— Why we can’t completely trust our ears/the importance of measurements
— Audio myths about loudspeaker cables, phantom power with ribbon mics, and others
— And much more

About Our Guest: Ethan has been pursuing a career in audio and music since he was a teenager, and he’s gone on to fulfill that mission and much more. In addition to authoring “The Audio Expert,” he’s had a hugely diverse career as an inventor and technology developer over four-plus decades.

Ethan’s also noted as an audio mythbuster and is quite effective at that quest as well, as evidenced by his Audio Myths workshop from the October 2009 AES show, available for viewing on YouTube. By the way, it’s at 400,000-plus views and still climbing at this point. Be sure to check out his full bio at as well as his articles on ProSoundWeb.

Click here to view the Null Tester video.


Signal To Noise Episode 1: Jim Yakabuski

Jim Yakabuski

We talk with noted front of house engineer Jim Yakabuski (“Jim Yak”) about his current work on the Roy Orbison “In Dreams” Hologram Tour, his “retro mixing and the 10-channel challenge” approach (detailed here), life on the road as a touring engineer, and more.

Also be sure to check out other articles by Jim on PSW here.

About Our Guest: Jim has spent more than 35 years as a live sound engineer, working with artists such Van Halen, Journey, Avril Lavigne, Peter Frampton, and many others. He’s also the author of “Professional Sound Reinforcement Techniques,” which provides a collection of tips and techniques for mix engineers. It’s available on Amazon.


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Keith Clark

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