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Brainworx Brings British E Series Console To 72-channel bx_console E Plugin (Includes Video)

Available now from Plugin Alliance, it utilizes patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) to simulate the channel-to-channel variances of the E Series’ electronic components on every instance

By PSW Staff August 7, 2017

The new Brainworx bx_console E plugin, available now from Plugin Alliance.

Brainworx has announced the availability of bx_console E, a new plugin that pairs a 72-channel emulation of the high-end British E Series console with COMPRESS (compressor/limiter), EXPAND (expander/gate), four-band parametric EQ, and FILTERS (high-pass and low-pass),  joined by flexible signal routing. It’s available from Plugin Alliance.

bx_console E uses patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) to simulate the channel-to-channel variances of the E Series’ electronic components on each and every instance of the plugin. The result is 72 slightly different-sounding plugin channels collectively (re)producing the complexity, depth, nuance, and width of high-end analog consoles. Further, a low CPU (Central Processing Unit) load accommodates dozens of instantiations.

bx_console E also enables users to — on a per-channel basis — swap the original console’s EQ revisions, substitute the compressor’s VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) with that of the later-released British G Series console, and use contemporary Brainworx mods that expand the functionality of the plugin. As a result, engineers can, in essence, create a hybrid mixing console withanalog sound in the box by blending features of E and G Series consoles with modern functions from within their DAW (digital audio workstation).

Users can also recall a different E Series channel on each instance of bx_console E instantiated in their project. On any given plugin instance, another mouse click (of the EQ TYPE button) will swap models of the very different-sounding “black” and “brown” EQ revisions for the analog E Series console, either of which can be placed before (PRE) or after (EQ) bx_console E’s dynamics section, or routed to its dynamics side chain (SC); these “hot-swappable” EQ revisions yield a selection of 144 different-sounding console channels to choose from.

Another mouse click substitutes a model of VCA from the later-released G Series console’s compressor for the more colorful E Series VCA on any channel. Both COMPRESS and EXPAND can be triggered by another DAW track routed to their external side chain input, producing keyed rhythm tracks, ducked guitar fills, and other effects.

A MIX (dry/wet) control creates parallel compression effects; an optional secondary release time (REL2) control prevents the compressor from pumping on delicate acoustic tracks, while an adjustable HPF (high-pass filter) for the compressor’s side chain increases low-end punch on individual tracks, buses, and mixes; a continuously-variable THD (total harmonic distortion) control adds colorful saturation and density to any plugin channel; and two alternative THRESHOLD ranges for the expander and gate cover 70 dB range, permitting processing of tracks barely exceeding -60 dBFS.

Additional capabilities include an expander invert function that facilitates only hearing the portion of the signal that will be expanded or gated, aiding setting the threshold; the gate’s HYST (Hysteresis) control sets a dedicated closed threshold up to 25 dB lower than the open threshold, preventing sustained guitar notes and ringing cymbals from making the gate stutter; the original E Series’ HPF and LPF frequency ranges can be shifted by a factor of three, allowing for the creation of midrange bandpass filters; a continuously-variable V GAIN (Virtual Gain) knob adds simulated analog noise to any or all plugin channels for additional vintage vibe;

Finally, monitoring and metering sections include solos for mid and side channels, helping users to quickly hunt down undesirable distortion and phase problems on a stereo track or aux; and EUCON (Extended User Control) parameter mapping is provided for Avid controllers, including the S6 control surface.

bx_console E is available for purchase — as an AAX Native & DSP-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plugin for Mac OS X (10.8 through 10.12), Windows (7 through 10), and Pro Tools 10.3.10 (or higher) — exclusively from Plugin Alliance for an introductory promo price of $179 (USD) until August 31, 2017, rising to $299  thereafter.

And, a fully-functional, 14-day trial is available to anyone registering for a free Plugin Alliance account here.

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