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Turbosound At The Center Of WMC Success

Turbosound exceeded high expectations on Miami's South Beach.

By PSW Staff April 14, 2010

Turbosoud at Miami's Winter Music Conference

The Shore Club hosts some of the most popular events of the well-established Winter Music Conference – now in its 25th consecutive year – with the main focus of attention being the Pool and Patio venues,

Following the excellent results achieved at last year’s WMC, The Shore Club hotel and Miami-based event producer Tomas Ceddia of The Loud Minority decided to to bring Turbosound systems back, knowing that the brand has developed an awareness amongst partygoers.

“The WMC event is all about dance music and the club scene,” says Brad Stephens of Turbosound’s U.S. distributor American Music & Sound, “and Turbosound has long been an elite brand in that world.”

Miami Beach-based Audio Video Lighting Innovations, a full service custom audio, video, lighting design and integration firm, aided by Brad Stephens, and Clinton Muntean from Turbosound’s Florida rep company Mainline Marketing, fielded a Turbosound Flex Array for the main Pool system.

The system consisted of six TFA-600H three-way mid/highs flown each side, together with six TSW-218 double 18” folded horn subs.

The subs in particular were chosen for their definition and punch combined with the extended LF response demanded by today’s high energy dance music.
AVLI’s James Reed explains the setup: “Turbosound was chosen again this year for WMC because of its proven reputation for superior sound quality in this demanding application, and we knew this alone would draw the crowds.

The flown Flex Array over three 218 subs each side completely covered the pool area, and then some. I think the boxes really excel at electronica and dance music because the clear, smooth high-mids and highs, and big, punchy low-mid and bass are voiced perfectly for that sound.”

“And the 218’s sounded massive. They really put serious bass the length of the venue, without being obnoxious up close.”

Brad Stephens agreed with Reed’s assessment: “In the dance music world, it is amazing how much the sound quality affects the mood and overall success of an event. Sound is always important on any music event of course, but it is especially critical in this arena. People will stay or leave based on the sound system.”

“Sound quality is right at the center of WMC,” he continues. “The sound system is critical in determining the success or failure of these types of events.”

Turbosound’s Milan self-powered portable loudspeakers made a debut at WMC this year in the role of DJ booth monitors. Said AM&S’s Brad Stephens, “This is a brutally harsh environment. We had major names using them at full tilt for hours at a time, and we had no issues at all.”

“For DJ monitors at an event like this to go for that long without failure, or even an adverse comment, is an outstanding success! The guys we talked to were surprised they could get so much from a little powered-speaker-on-a-stick”.

Kevin Crew, Sky Bar manager at the Shore Club, felt the quality of the sound system had a beneficial commercial impact. “It made the event,” he emphasises. “Our bar sales were significantly up. The better the sound quality is, the more successful the event is.”

With expectations running high this year, The Loud Minority’s Tomas Ceddia was delighted with the result at the Shore Club: “The Flex Array systems were fantastic! Superb clarity, punchy bass and smooth throughout the whole frequency range.”

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the Turbosound crew, and I know I can rely on them to produce top quality sound. I personally made it a part of all my promotions to reinforce the public’s perception within the educated electronic dance community that Turbosound is a mark of high quality.”

As to how Tomas felt about the Milans: “Well, I’m buying six for myself,” he confirms, “I think that speaks volumes…”

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