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Tac System Announces Version 2 Of Its Dereveberation Plug-In At AES 2010

An AudioSuite plugin ideal for location recordists which is powered by a multi-step linear prediction algorithm.

By PSW Staff November 12, 2010

NML RevCon-RR Version 2

At the 129th Audio Engineering Society Convention in San Francisco, Tac System Inc. announced that development of Version 2 of their NML RevCon-RR dereverberation plugin is underway and a demo of the Version 2 was available to convention attendees.

RevCon-RR is a plugin which features dereberberation technology powered by a multi-step linear prediction algorithm.

The ProTools AudioSuite plugin features a user-friendly interface and features minimal controls, a spectrogram and an audio envelope display.

The plugin includes multiple settings for additional process to for dialogue that enable finely-tuned dereveberation.

RevCon-RR is intended for location sound recordists who often find themselves recording meetings or lectures where microphone placement is less than ideal, causing the audio to be overly reverberant.

For these individuals, it is very hard to clean up dialog sound on post production stage.

NML RevCon-RR reduces reverberation and makes dialogue sound as if the microphone were placed properly and more closely to the sound source.

The NML RevCon-RR is the only solution for dereverberation currently available and Version 2 is a much-anticipated update.


Tac System Website


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Big Medicine Sound and Lighting says

Wow, Cant wait to use this for live Sound !

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