Martin Lighting Shines Dynamic Perspective For French Fort Saint Jean

Lighting design company, L’Agence Lumière, designed and installed a Harman Martin lighting rig to brighten the symbolic monument.

By PSW Staff September 23, 2013

Lighting design company, L’Agence Lumière, designed and installed a Harman Martin lighting rig to brighten the symbolic monument.

An essential French military complex for more than 400 years, the famous Fort Saint Jean has recently undertaken a massive renovation to return the legendary monument to its former glory.

Located at the entrance of the Vieux Port of Marseille, Fort Saint Jean dates back to the 17th century and maintained a strong military role for the country. Now integrated into the museograhic entity of MuCEM, a museum of Europe and the Mediterranean, the structure and landscape offers visitors numerous Mediterranean style gardens to visit.

In order to continue the experience after nightfall, lighting design company, L’Agence Lumière, designed and installed a Harman’s Martin lighting rig to brighten the symbolic monument.

Based on the intricate landscape design, the main challenge was transforming Fort Saint Jean into a new living space and nighttime walk area in Marseille.

The lighting design would allow for guests to visit the many different areas of the fort after dark.

L’Agence Lumière used seventeen Martin Exterior 400 Image Projectors with rotating gobo and color wheels to illuminate the area.

The Exterior 400 IP’s include seven 50-Watt white LED, which are powerful enough to guarantee a stunning visual impact of the landscape.

The light changes throughout the evening. At nightfall, the moonlight slowly surrounds the fort with a warm white light that takes over for the sunlight that shines during the day. Then, a more bluish light arises, accentuating the moonlight effect.

“On the impressive Place d’Armes or in the Cour de la Commande, the Martin lights add some texture, playing with shadows and contrasts. It gives the illusion that the ground is moving and vibrating,” explained Régis Clouzet, senior lighting designer and owner of L’Agence Lumière.

Other lighting elements of the renovation include Martin’s Exterior 410, Tripix Wash and Tripix 1200 to help the monument become a versatile area for different kinds of events. “During cultural events, this slowly-moving lighting is changed to a more festive ambiance,” added Clouzet. “Thanks to versatility of Martin, the area is capable of handling the needs of various cultural events organized by the MuCEM inside the Fort.”

• 17 x Exterior 400 IP
• 6 x Exterior 410
• 13 x Tripix Wash
• 11 x Tripix 1200

• Contractor: French Ministry of Culture
• Contractor mandatory: OPPIC
• Landscape designer: APS agency
• Lighting designer: L’Agence Lumière



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