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Lectrosonics Wireless Survives “Word Out” Festival Battle Of The Bands

Total Entertainment Productions, headed by Ted Morgan, supplied the Lectrosonics gear for all performers as part of its role as the live sound reinforcement supplier for the event.

By PSW Staff January 29, 2009

Ted Morgan of Total Entertainment Productions with some of his Lectrosonics wireless gear

Orlando, FL-based Total Entertainment Productions utilized Lectrosonics wireless microphone and instrument systems for the recent “Word Out” Festival Battle Of The Bands, an Orlando-area festival featuring live performances by 15 bands.

Total Entertainment Productions, headed by Ted Morgan, supplied the Lectrosonics gear for all performers as part of its role as the live sound reinforcement supplier for the event. Morgan also performed house mix duties throughout the festival.

“To help expedite changeovers,” said Morgan, “the musicians simply carried their guitars and basses onto the stage and plugged into the existing amps that were supplied, while the drum sets were rotated twice during the event. We equipped the guitarists and bassists with Lectrosonics UM400a UHF beltpack transmitters with MI39ARA cables and, for the vocalists; we used Lectrosonics UT400 handheld microphone transmitters with the VMS Super Cardioid capsules. We used 10 UT400’s and four UM400a’s, so we were able to prep one act while another was performing.

“On the receiving end, we had three Lectrosonics Venue Series receiver systems—each fully stocked with the company’s VRT modules for a total of 18 channels. Since we required only 14 channels for this event, the Venue system provided us with four backup channels for safe measure.”

Morgan points out the advantages of Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless technology. “The Lectrosonics equipment has the most natural, musical sound quality I’ve ever encountered in wireless equipment,” notes Morgan. “Equally important, the gear is really easy to set up when it comes to locating open frequencies.

“With a single press of a button, the SmartTune feature finds an open frequency. During setup, we had all 14 channels set up and ready in a matter of less than 15 minutes. Some of my crew is a bit inexperienced when it comes to wireless mics, so the ease of use that the Lectrosonics gear provides went a long way.”

Morgan was particularly enthusiastic about Lectrosonics’ build quality. “Lectrosonics gear is built like a tank,” said Morgan, “and we really benefitted from that quality on this project. At one point, the lead vocalist for Naked Snake did a stage dive into the frenzied crowd. He ended up losing his UT400 and we were unable to retrieve it until about four songs later, so when he got back on stage, we handed him a backup unit. 

“At the end of the set, we were able to retrieve the mic, which had been buried in the dirt. We took it back on stage, cleaned it up with Windex and paper towels and placed it back into service on the next set. When he dropped the mic, we assumed it was a lost cause. We were all shocked to discover that it still worked perfectly.”

“And this wasn’t the only such incident,” continued Morgan. “A vocalist for another band climbed the truss during his performance and dropped the mic onto the stage from roughly fifteen feet up. When he came down off the truss, he picked up the mic and continued using it. Other than a minor cosmetic ding, it kept working as if nothing happened.”

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BW says

Wow, very cool, ill have to check those mics out, glad to see there making road worthy equipment.

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