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Harman Rocks The Great Indian Rock 2008 At Bangalore

V&P Sound Pvt. Ltd. Feature Soundcraft Vi6 At FOH And Showcase New Version 3.0 Software

By Keith Clark December 11, 2008

A Soundcraft Vi6 digital console in the foreground headed a Harman-stocked system at The Palace Grounds in Bangalore, India.

The Palace Grounds in Bangalore, India were transformed in November into a celebration for thousands who turned out for “The Great Indian Rock 2008.”

Bangalore transcended into the Rock Capital of India with an international concert that featured three prominent Indian bands, Slingshot, Rainbow Bridge and Extinct Reflections and two Norwegian popular acts, Sahg and Satryicon.

V&P Sound deployed an extensive Harman sound system that featured a Soundcraft Vi6 digital console and included products from JBL, Crown, dbx, and AKG. 

The sound system consisted of 20 JBL VERTEC VT4889’s with two main hangs of 10 per-side, 16 JBL VERTEC VT4880A subs were flown in on four per-side hangs, eight JBL CSR subs were ground stacked with four per-side and JBL VRX932LA’s were used as center-fills.

Crown I-Tech 4000, 6000, and 8000 amplifiers powered the entire system and the FOH was mixed using the Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console running the new Version 3.0 software.

Svein Solberg, Satyricon’s FOH engineer, was working on the Vi6 for the first fime and he was amazed with the intuitive interface and the ergonomic layout of the console. Solberg stated, ”This is as comfortable as working on any analog console and the ease of operation allowed me to mix on the console with little prior experience.“

Solberg continued, ”The VERTECs are loud and clean sounding boxes and this is indeed the best sounding system that we’ve operated in India.”

Vishnu, Director of V&P SOUND, was overwhelmed with the overall response from the artists, the FOH engineers and the fans. Vishnu stated, “It is a pleasure working with the Vi6 and the VERTEC’s. Setting up the VERTEC system is extremely fast and simple and the amazingly clean sound of the VERTEC’s is credited to the V4 presets developed by Mr.Paul Bauman, Director of Tour Sound Product and Application Engineering.“

The stage monitoring system was equipped with 10 VRX915M, two VRX915M, two PRX518S/230 along with two PRX 512M/230’s were used as the drum fills. The side fills were four VRX932LA and four VRX918S. The monitors and side fills were bi-amped using Crown ITechs and managed by another dbx DriveRack 4800.

The two drum kits were mic’d using AKG Drum SET II, each set included one D 112 and four C 518M. Additional products from AKG included the C414, C451, D5 and D40 microphones, WMS4000 wireless system and the IVM4 in ear monitoring system.

Concluding the Harman installation was dbx 4800 Loudspeaker System Management processors that were used to manage the main hangs, subs & front-fills.

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