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Audinate Dante Serves As Networking Backbone For System At UAE’s 40th National Day

By PSW Staff February 15, 2012

The official ceremony for the UAE 40th National Day saw Zayed Sports Stadium in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, full to capacity as thousands turned out to celebrate the achievements of the nation, and Audinate Dante was there to provide networked audio delivery.

The 360-degree stadium production placed complex demands upon audio contractor Britannia Row Productions. The stadium was covered by eight hangs of L-Acoustics KUDO, SB218, V-DOSC,  dV-DOSC, 108XTs, KIVA, KILO, as well various distributed loudspeakers. All were supported by Lake LM26 Processors, Yamaha DME processors, XTA breakout boxes, connected by a Dual Redundant Fibre-optic IP network.

The Lake LM26 processors, which were distributed throughout the system, were all connected by Audinate Dante networking technology. This proved essential as very high levels of RF interference were being audibly induced on all the analog copper connections. The use of fiber optics eliminated the analog electrical connections between amp racks.

A Yamaha DME 64n was equipped with a Dante-MY16-AUD card and acted as the main system matrix providing feeds to all Lake LM26s, as well doing EQ and dynamics processing for press feeds, monitoring and audio distribution throughout the venue including backstage and outside the stadium.

Joshua Lloyd,  who oversaw the setup and design of the system, states, “Once again Dante has allowed us to deliver a reliable, high quality, fully redundant signal distribution system at a high profile international event. Without the use of Dante (audio over IP) the unusual amount of RF interference we experienced, where even short analog cable runs suffered from induction of local radio, would have made this job next to impossible. Without the extreme flexibility that we get with Dante we would have struggled to achieve the fantastic results we did.”

The system was a natural for Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard. DVS was used on a pair of Apple MacBook Pro computers running Qlab to form a dual redundant playback system via another Yamaha DME64 processor equipped with Dante-MY16-AUD card.

The media playback system was supervised by Gavin Tempany, who notes, “Dante provides large channel counts, directly from my workstations. This also allows me to take up less space in often cramped control areas, and still deliver critical content with confidence.”

The dual network system performed reliably for the show and the preceding lengthy rehearsal period leading up to the event. Tempany points out, “Dante is completely scalable. The system used nodes for processing, input and output. Ease of configuration and the confidence that Dante will just work, allows for greater concentration on the important aspects of delivering an imaginatively designed, first class audio experience to the audience.”



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