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American Audio Debuts MIDI-Capable Radius 1000 CD/MP3 Player

By PSW Staff November 13, 2008

The Radius 1000 allows you to play, scratch and remix your CDs and MP3 discs, and control your MIDI software.

American Audio has introduced the Radius 1000, an exciting new CD/MP3 player with MIDI capabilities for controlling professional music playback software.

The Radius 1000 lets you play digital tracks directly from your computer without using a mouse, just like you would with a professional CD deck. That means DJs now have the ability to put on a dynamic performance and execute a range of creative expressions using only their laptop and the Radius 1000.

“Just insert a USB cable into the back of the Radius 1000, plug the other end into your computer, and you’re ready to scratch, add effects or manipulate computer tracks,” said Tom Freret, National Sales Manager for American Audio. “Instead of clicking a mouse to play digital tracks, you can actually control them using the Radius 1000’s jog wheel and other user-friendly hardware. This gives DJs a realistic hands-on feel, even though the tracks are on their computer.”

In addition to functioning as an 8-channel MIDI controller for music playback software, the Radius 1000 also plays CD, CD-R and MP3 discs, giving users the flexibility of DJ-ing with discs or a computer. In fact, there’s even a Dual Mode that allows you to play a CD or MP3 disc and control your computer software at the same time! With its dual functionality, the unit provides its own backup system: In the event of a computer crash during a gig, DJs can simply switch over to playing discs on the Radius 1000, just like a regular CD/MP3 player.

“To sum it up, the Radius 1000 allows you to play, scratch and remix your favorite CDs and MP3 discs, and also control your favorite MIDI software,” said Freret.  “It’s really an all-in-one deck for today’s digital musicians, giving them the option of using discs or a computer – or both.”

The Radius 1000 is compatible with popular DJ software programs, including Tracktor and Serato (software not included with unit).  When in the MIDI mode an external soundcard is required (not included).

The deck comes with 9 onboard digital effects: Scratch (Digital Scratch and Beat Juggle modes), Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop. Time & Ratio Adjustment is available for all effects, and a Digital BPM Counter keeps them locked in sync with the beat of the music. The Radius 1000’s big 6-inch jog wheel operates in 3 modes — Normal, Scratch and Auto Cue Scratch, which is ideal for Beat Juggling.

The Radius 1000 features a super-cool design that not only boosts functionality but also looks great in the DJs booth. A bright display shows track and artist ID tags for quick reference, and a red LED visual marker rotates around the jog wheel to show you what point within the track the CD or MP3 is currently playing.

The Radius 1000 offers premium features found only on the highest quality CD players, including Seamless Loop, Advanced Track Search, 10-Second Anti-Shock Memory, Fader Q Start, 3 Flash Start Buttons, Digital Output (S/PDIF), Tempo Lock and Instant Start. For DJs who employ larger, more sophisticated audio setups, a Flip Flop function lets you relay playback between two Radius 1000 CD/MP3 players.

Compact and lightweight for easy mobility, the Radius 1000 measures 10.5” x 14” x 4.25” and weighs 8 lbs. It carries a suggested retail price of $599.99.

For more information:

American Audio Website


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