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Left to right, Michael Barowski (Barowski AG), Sebastian Groß and Raimund Dachauer (nspire), Funktion-One Founder Tony Andrews (Funktion-One), Benedikt Koch (Bentin Projects, Funktion-One distributor for Germany), and Will Wright (Funktion-One).

Two German Rental Companies Invest In Funktion-One Vero VX

Barowski AG and nspire GmbH, which bring 20 years of event sector experience to the German events market, are the latest European rental partners to invest in company's vertically arrayable loudspeakers.

German event technology companies Barowski AG and nspire GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg and Wendelstein (near Nuremberg) respectively, are the latest European rental partners to invest in Funktion-One Vero VX vertically arrayable loudspeakers.

The two companies have teamed up to bring 20 years of event sector experience to the German events market in supplying sound to a range of projects, including medium size festivals, corporate events, and local music initiatives.

“When you’ve been in the industry for a long time and you’re choosing a speaker system, you don’t have to worry about myths, the only thing that counts is the capability to bring smiling faces and, ideally, goosebumps to the audience – that’s audio, not marketing,” states Michael Barowski of Barowski AG.

Vero VX systems can be ground stacked or flown and are designed to provide spectral balance and dynamic impact whether used as a single box or in a 24-enclosure array. nspire GmbH’s Jan Zalewski adds, “In addition to the good sound, the Lambda rigging system makes it easy to handle, which requires no additional parts. The simple possibility of ground stacking increases the system’s flexibility and the most economical utilization — with up to eight VX enclosures per Powersoft X-Series power amplifiers — is another plus. We also enjoy the very charming, direct and very friendly communication from us as users to manufacturers and developers.”

Funktion-One product support engineer Will Wright, who delivered Vero VX training in Germany with company founder Tony Andrews, concludes: “It was great to meet new Funktion-One users in Germany, as well as some other Funktion-One partners from mainland Europe who have also invested in Vero VX. The training comprised a mix of in-depth technical knowledge, plus a detailed overview of VX’s back story and the approach to its design.

“Barowski and nspire’s attention to detail when it comes to equipment and how it is set up is excellent. Combine this with their enthusiasm for the new system and the Funktion-One ethos, and I’m certain they’ll have a lot of success with VX. They do a wide range of events together, including live music, corporate and musical theatre, which will be an excellent showcase for the versatility of the system.”


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