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Turbosound Launches iX Series Loudspeakers Offering Onboard Remote Controllable Mixing

Self-powered loudspeakers outfitted with Klark Teknik digital processing, Class-D amplification, mixer and Bluetooth audio streaming

Turbosound has launched the new iX Series of loudspeakers, equipped with Klark Teknik digital processing, Class-D amplification, and an onboard 2-channel digital mixer that’s remote controllable via dedicated iPhone/iPad app or locally via dedicated LCD-based user interface.

A proprietary dual angle pole mount socket allows the enclosures to be pole mounted above subwoofers either straight on, or raised higher and angled downwards.

Both models in the series, the iX12 (12-inch) and iX15 (15-inch), also include wireless Bluetooth stereo audio streaming. DSP presets have been optimized for a wide range of applications and orientations, as well as for seamless integration with subwoofers and enhanced intelligibility in floor monitor applications.

Both of the 2-way models are driven by amplification of up to 1,100 watts. The Klark Teknik DSP provides a range of presets and dynamic EQ to enhance full-range response at both lower and higher output levels.

Estimated U.S. “street” pricing: iX12—$349; iX15—$449. Both models are covered by a 3-year warranty.

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