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Truth In Audio Partners With Celestion

Loudspeaker manufacturer signs on to support company comprised of accomplished live sound veterans providing educational opportunities.

Truth in Audio (TIA), the company comprised of accomplished live sound veterans which provides educational opportunities in the live sound industry along with information from manufacturers on technologies and products announces that Celestion has partnered with the group as a school sponsor.

Truth in Audio is a company that provides both new and experienced live sound students with unique educational opportunities, taught by some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry today.

Founder and president Bernie Broderick, with a long career working for some of the industry’s most prominent loudspeaker manufacturers (Adamson, L-Acoustics and EAW,) founded TIA as a company to provide rich educational opportunities in the live sound industry as well as a conduit to connect manufacturers technologies and products with the industry.

TIA offers students the unique opportunity to stay current with the industry’s leading techniques, trends and best practices, and a means to keep abreast of the latest in manufacturer technologies. TIA brings together the contributions of many of the live sound industry’s most accomplished veterans, including front of house engineers, monitor engineers, systems technicians, product designers and leading pro audio business executives to provide content for the curriculum, providing historical perspective, as well as a very broad cross-section of personal interpretations of the live sound craft.

“Truth in Audio looks forward to a great partnership with Celestion, a company with a rich history of designing and manufacturing loudspeaker drivers and components, who continue to develop cutting edge technology,” says Broderick. “The new AxiPeriodic drivers from Celestion are a perfect example, having used them in our Green Monster Project. We look forward to sharing this and other advanced technologies with the students in our live sound programs.”

Performing the role of two loudspeakers in one, the Celestion Axi2050 driver reproduces a maximum frequency range of 300Hz-20,000Hz without the need for a midband crossover. The Axi2050 delivers a coherent signal, particularly in the critical listening band and an extended frequency range; enhancing clarity and speech intelligibility, as well as reproducing music more dynamically and with greater coherence. The Axi2050 uses a single, large diameter, sculpted, circumferentially axiperiodic, annular titanium diaphragm. This technology enables the device’s wideband output, as well as providing a number of other significant advantages.

“We look forward to working with the talented Truth in Audio team,” adds Ralph Nichols, Celestion VP of Business Development, North America. “This is a great opportunity to work with a uniquely qualified organization to educate the current and future generations of sound engineers and promote the passion of live sound audio, as well as educate them about our new technologies and create even further awareness of the Celestion brand.”

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