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Truth In Audio Launches, Offering New Pro Audio Training Program & Much More

New academy headed by industry veteran Bernie Broderick joining forces with manufacturers and roster of experienced professionals to provide industry-sponsored technical training.

Live audio veteran Bernie Broderick has just launched Truth In Audio (TIA), a unique academy that is joining forces with manufacturers and a diverse variety of highly experienced professionals from many facets of professional audio to provide industry-sponsored technical training.

Broderick has served as a trainer for some of the largest manufacturers (L-Acoustics, EAW and others) in pro audio over several decades, and he’s bringing that expertise, plus more, to the new venture.

“TIA is poised to fill the gap that exists between entry-level, internship, and manufacturer-based training,” he explains. “Those who are interested in getting into or advancing in this business now have a clearly defined educational choice, and manufacturers have an ally with a solid reputation upon which they can rely.”

A mobile academy, TIA will travel from location to location with specially-designed mascot vehicles, working with local rental houses as well as manufacturers to present 3-day educational events. The foundation of the training is based on Broderick’s personal experience and philosophy.

Bernie Broderick

“I believe that I have a moral obligation to give back to the industry that has given me so much,” he states. “I’m also concerned about the ‘changing of the guard,’ so to speak, and I want to ensure that the body of knowledge and heritage that exists today can be passed on to those coming into the industry, encouraging them to stay.”

The TIA syllabus is composed of five sections, and as part of the evolutionary process, additional modules will be developed and added as needed. The current five sections include:

• Front Of House (everything about the front end and being in the “big chair”)
• Loudspeaker Technology (it’s not a “point and shoot” industry any longer)
• Under the Hood (the inner workings of technology)
• Tuning and Software (software modeling and tuning, plus application techniques)
• The Business of the Business (what it takes to get in – and stay – in pro audio)

Further, there will be four distinct advancement levels – from the basics of Level 1 up to the “Master Class” experience of Level 4. “The curriculum is designed around the art and science of sound and is not intended to be product demonstrations for manufacturers,” Broderick notes. “However, plans are in place to allow any TIA sponsor to present subsequent factory training and demonstrations using our infrastructure [AV equipment, classroom necessities, etc.] once we’re at a location for scheduled training.”

Along these lines, TIA is offering sponsorships at various levels to manufacturers, offering them an opportunity to be part of an educational experience for “new and old blood” in audio. There are four sponsorship levels, under the management of Broderick’s sister Bernadette, who has worked in engineering for decades as a mechanical engineering technologist and has also served as a technical writer. (Anyone interested in sponsorship is invited to email her at [email protected])

Broderick adds that TIA’s mission is to “become a rallying point for live audio,” and in support of that mission, will also offer services to its sponsors. The first is the International Product Evaluation Program (IPEP). “What better way to have a new concept or product evaluated than by the industry that will use it?,” he asks. “Our team’s expertise can help manufacturers prove concepts or test products before they hit the market, potentially saving a lot of money, and a lot of time.”

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Yet another project is called HotRod, a “skunk works” division that’s already launched. [The term “skunk works” typically refers to projects developed in semi-secrecy by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop primarily for the sake of radical innovation.] TIA’s group is comprised of individuals uniquely qualified to pool their talents on specialty audio projects. HotRod is available exclusively to sponsors.

Presently based in Las Vegas, the operation is first focusing on the North American market, but Broderick adds that plans are in the works for Latin language-based training followed by expansion to Asian markets. “The Truth In Audio name has been carefully selected to send a message to the audio industry,” he concludes. “It signifies honesty and integrity coupled with a genuine interest for the people who have committed their lives to creating audio art.”

Truth In Audio