Truth In Audio Announces Live Audio Training

New concept in professional audio training, taught by industry veterans, covers latest techniques, trends, and best practices,.

Truth In Audio (TIA), the company comprised of accomplished live sound veterans which provides educational opportunities in the live sound industry along with information from manufacturers on cutting-edge technologies and products, announces a series of one-day training sessions to take place in Southern California during the month of July, which are open to everyone who wants to explore important topics in live sound, from students to seasoned professionals working in the field.

These 1-day training sessions will provide students with a high-level view of many important topics of the audio industry. From the purely technical to the anecdotal, TIA’s mission is to better prepare our students for the workforce while also providing continuous opportunities to enhance their capabilities. Two sessions are scheduled to take place in July with more being added:

Monday July 8, 2019:
Sound Image Productions
23529 Connecticut St, Hayward, CA 94545, USA

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8272

All trainings begin at 8:30 am and end at 6 p.m. Schedules for these days are as follows:

One day session topics include:
— Introduction to the industry (a close knit group)
— What the industry holds for you (topics of wages, safety, travel, etc.)
— What jobs are out there for you
— Some physics (learning about the sources – point source, line source, etc.)
— Seeing the sound (a discussion on practical sound system design and implementation)
— Using modern speaker modeling software (what are the similarities?)
— Understanding modern networks and audio over Ethernet
— Modern measurement software and the basics of using it
— Sound Lab – our opportunity to do cool stuff with sound
— Rigging and personal safety on the job

The science of loudspeaker:
* Some history (old school vs. new school)
* Design considerations
* Devices (unique components in the speaker industry)

Discussions at front of house
* About analog and digital mixing consoles
* Virtual plugins and hard wire inserts
* Understanding gain structure

Students receive a certificate of completion, qualifying them for entry to our 3-day sessions coming later in the year.

The end of each day will include an hour of comprehensive discussion about working in the live sound industry as well as general Q&A. Rather than academic personnel, all Truth in Audio session are taught by industry pros, either in person or via a live audio/video feed. Sessions will feature a modern curriculum with a historical context and will feature the latest techniques, trends and best practices in the industry. No special equipment is required to attend the sessions and lunch is included in the price.

Truth in Audio school sponsors include Alcons Audio, Beyma Professional, Celestion and Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb. TIA provides both new and experienced live sound students with unique educational opportunities, taught by some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry today. Founder and president Bernie Broderick, with a long career working for some of the industry’s most prominent loudspeaker manufacturers (Adamson, L-Acoustics and EAW,) founded TIA as a company to provide rich educational opportunities in the live sound industry as well as a conduit to connect manufacturers technologies and products with the industry.

TIA offers students the unique opportunity to stay current with the industry’s leading techniques, trends and best practices, and a means to keep abreast of the latest in manufacturer technologies. TIA brings together the contributions of many of the live sound industry’s most accomplished veterans, including front of house engineers, monitor engineers, systems technicians, product designers and leading pro audio business executives to provide content for the curriculum, providing historical perspective, as well as a very broad cross-section of personal interpretations of the live sound craft.

Register for Level 1 training at the link below.

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