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Truly Synergetic: Two Days Of Invaluable Learning With SynAudCon

Looking into the training techniques of Synergetic Audio Concepts audio education program for industry professionals.

My Take-Away

As you’ve likely figured out by now, I’m still excited with the opportunity to take this course. I knew that it would be full of useful knowledge, dispensed in an accessible manner while surrounded by like-minded people who just want to do their best in their chosen profession. We even had lunch together as a group both days, which further helped make it a real bonding experience.

I met some wonderful people, saw some old friends, and received the kind of instruction that I wish our general educational institutions would tap into. The production industry has an interesting relationship between schooling and field-work, and it’s clear to me that we need to embrace that type of higher education being provided by Pat and Brenda Brown.

I truly believe that if we could all retain a sense of wonder in the pursuit of education, the application of better practices in our field would skyrocket. We’re all on the cutting edge of discovery, and our profession has only begun to uncover its possibilities. I encourage all working in pro audio to let SynAudCon help you reach the break of the wave.

The happy SynAudCon class in Kansas City; the author is located at far right.


Upcoming SynAudCon Training In 2019

Sound System Tech
January 31 – February 1
Melbourne, Australia

Sound System Design/OptEQ
February 5-7
Sydney, Australia

Sound System Design
March 18-20
Raleigh, NC

Sound System Tech
April 11-12

OptEQ “Equalization Demystified”
June a tInfoComm

Additional dates to be announced. Find out more and register at, and also note that the website offers a treasure trove of online educational courses. All courses, in-person and online, are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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