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TrueColor Night Club Steps Up To Clair Brothers

Alliance Art Group's flagship venue in China's Guangzhou City outfitted with CAT215 loudspeakers with CS218 double 18-inch subs.

TrueColor night club in Guangzhou City is the flagship venue of a chain of clubs created in 1995, currently owned and managed by Alliance Art Group. Modern in its design, innovative in its thoughtful delivery of the ultimate club experience, TrueColor Guangzhou City recently upgraded its audio system with loudspeakers from Clair Brothers.

After consultation with dealer Guangzhou EGG Technologies Company, Alliance Art Group called on DMT – Clair Brothers Chinese distributor – to help make the necessary improvements right on the heels of a complete upgrade and redesign of the layout and style of the club in June of 2017.

TrueColor is a true spectacle – a nightclub where music plays constantly, seven days a week with a full house, and permeates the entire establishment, so it has to sound awesome and perform reliably. After the redesign of the interior, the old system just didn’t fit the bill.

The sound system needed to have bright high-end, clear mids and plenty of bass. The point is to make customers feel comfortable, to get them moving and to make them stay longer. Alliance Art Group went the extra mile searching for the just the right brand to install in their newly designed flagship club. They compared top brands, but once they heard the Clair Brothers system, there was no hesitation – the Clair Brothers brand was the unanimous choice.

Guangzhou EGG Technologies Company, in conjunction with DMT did the design, installation and commissioned the project, supplied the gear and gave technical support to Alliance Art Group throughout the install.

The main system flanking the large feature video wall is 3x CAT215 per side with CS218 double 18-inch subs under the stage. Additional CS218s are spread through the club, tastefully integrated as cocktail table bases.

The system consists of a range of additional Clair Brothers loudspeakers for distributed coverage including the CAT115, kiTCURVE12, CS18-M, FF2-HX, and kiT12 as bar fills. Two kiTCURVE12s are used as center fill, paired with four kiT12s and two FF2-HXs, which deliver the delay fill. Supporting the new loudspeaker system are Lab.gruppen FP Series amplification, and Lake Controller software for user operation of the system.

TrueColor club owners and staff in Guangzhou City explain their satisfaction in no uncertain terms: “The Clair Brothers system has exceeded all our expectations. The sound, the coverage, the clarity is unbelievable. It feels like a Rolls Royce motor car.” Adding, “Customers are staying longer, business has picked up so much better than before.”

The TrueColor-Guangzhou City installation represents the largest Clair Brothers install in China. It also represents an inarguable raise of the bar for nightclub sound systems in this vast, quickly modernizing country. With its success here, Alliance Art Group already plans on using Clair Brothers in another, even bigger club in Beijing.

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