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Transform Your Mind: Chapter 6 Of White Paper Series On Transformers Now Available

Basic electrical characteristics and why one may be better for a given application...

Chapter 6, the final installment of PSW’s ongoing free white paper series on transformers, is now available for free download. (Get it here.)

The new installment, entitled “Exploring The Electrical Characteristics Of Audio Transformers,” explores the basic electrical characteristics of audio transformers to better understand the differences among various types, and why one transformer is better for a given application than another.

The white paper series is presented by Lundahl, a world leader in the design and production of transformers, and is authored by Ken DeLoria, senior technical editor of ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International,  who has mixed innumerable shows and tuned hundreds of sound systems, and as the founder of Apogee Sound, developed the TEC Award-winning AE-9 loudspeaker.

Note that Chapter 1: An Introduction to Transformers in Audio Devices, Chapter 2: Transformers–Insurance Against Show-Stopping Problems, Chapter 3: Anatomy Of A Transformer, Chapter 4: An Interview With Per Lundahl, and Chapter 5: Understanding Impedance In Audio Transformers, are also still available for free download.

Again, download your free copy of “Chapter 6: Exploring The Electrical Characteristics Of Audio Transformers”—and get the entire set—by going here.


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