TransAudio Group Now Shipping The New Drawer S2 Signature Series Dual-Channel Tube Limiter

TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of Drawmer products, has announced the availability of the Drawmer S2 Signature Series dual-channel tube limiter.

The S2 is one of the latest products to emerge from Ivor Drawmer’s high-end designs and features an “all tube – no technical compromise” circuit composed of only the highest-grade components.

In addition to a fully-balanced internal signal path, dual mono or stereo operation, class A design, all signal-path tubes, and isolation transformers on inputs and outputs, the S2 features a host of innovative signal processing capabilities that are not present in any other analog limiter in the world.

On the S2’s gloss-black faceplate, users will find a functional and cleanly laid-out controls for threshold, ratio, attack, release, gain, and stereo link, along with an option for “program-adaptive” release.

The S2 is further equipped with with three additional features to enhance the musicality of its compression.

First, Drawmer’s unique “V-Big” section addresses bass and minimizes undesirable “pumping” created in all compressors by big bass peaks. V-Big gives the user choices of how they want bass handled, with user-selected 75, 125, or 250Hz frequency and depth of roll off.


A better look at the new Drawmer S2

Second, the Drawmer only “V-Air” section dynamically enhances high-frequency content to keep compressed audio from sounding dark, as is so common with other limiters. Users control its center frequency and depth to obtain much more control of HF through the S2 than was possible ever before on a single-band device.


Finally, a “Wet/Dry” section enables users to do what they used to do on adjacent channels of a console, to add compressed (wet) and non-compressed (dry) signals together to get exactly the right sound.

“Ivor Drawmer’s Signature Series represents the best of the best in terms of ease of operation, extreme tube sonics and one of a kind feature set,” said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group. “He’s operating without any constraints toward the goal of making the very best gear he possibly can. The S2 is a fine addition to the growing series and is sure to stun the crowd who think they’ve heard everything that analog limiters have to offer.”

S2 MAP: US $5,395
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