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TransAudio Group Introduces Daking Comp 500 VCA Compressor/Limiter

500 series module offers classic FET qualities

TransAudio Group, the worldwide distributor of products by Geoffrey Daking and Company, is introducing the Daking Comp 500, an easy-to-use VCA compressor/limiter module compatible with 500 series rack enclosures.

The semi-automatic Daking Comp 500, intended for both tracking and mixing, has been designed to perform and sound similarly to the FET circuitry found in Daking’s other compressor products, even though it uses a VCA. 

The front panel controls of the Comp 500 are simple to use. Compression is set with one knob, ranging from “Less” to “More.” Release time is switchable between Fast (0.5 ms) and Auto.

The Auto setting engages a dual time constant, which initially releases quickly before slowing, effectively eliminating “pumping,” and provides the punch associated with the 1970s UK company Audio & Design Recording’s Compex unit.

Attack may be switched between Fast (1 ms) and Slow (16 ms), while Ratio is switchable between Compressor and Limiter modes, respectively setting a 3:1 or 15:1 ratio.There is also a hard-wire Bypass switch.

A Stereo switch is provided that allows up to six units to be accurately linked. The 8-segment meter is selectable between gain reduction or output levels, and offers VU ballistics with floating peak.

The class A circuitry of the Daking Comp 500 incorporates discrete transistors and single-sided amplifiers, offering a fast and transparent signal with plenty of headroom and a low current draw.

All components are lead free and compliant with the Europe Union’s RoHS directives.

MSRP for the Daking Comp 500 is $795.

TransAudio Group

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