TransAudio Group Announces New Studio Sub 10 From Subwoofer Pros

Compact 10-inch self-powered subwoofer in sealed enclosure is outfitted with selectable LPF offering four options.
The new Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub 10, distributed in the U.S. by TransAudio Group.

TransAudio Group has announced the new Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub 10, a compact (12 x 14 x 11.5 inches, 29 pounds) subwoofer designed to offer low distortion and an even frequency response. It also has an adjustable high-frequency cutoff to integrate with nearfield monitors of any size.

The sealed and self-powered Studio Sub 10 is stated to produce bass reproduction down to 16 Hz, and it’s small enough to place anywhere in the control room in singles or multiples for different output volume and/or room mode taming.

“Other subwoofers sacrifice accuracy for volume or are way too large to fit in a typical control room,” states Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “In contrast, the Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub 10 is purpose-built to produce flat, faithful low end between 16 Hz and anywhere from 40 Hz to 95 Hz, depending on how the user sets it on the control. It’s really small for a sub, so they can fit anywhere. The Studio Sub 10’s competitive price point makes it possible to enjoy the sonic benefits of a distributed multiple sub system. Multiple Studio Sub 10s provide more accurate performance with several room locations versus a single subwoofer system using a single location.”

Made in the USA, the new subwoofer uses a single 10-inch high-excursion driver powered by an amplifier rated to deliver 300 watts, with output of 93 dB SPL at 1 meter at 40 Hz. A selectable low-pass filter at 40, 60, 80, and 95 Hz is also on board, as are a phase switch, a volume knob, and dual summing XLR line-level inputs. A dynamic filter is intended to provide overload protection and the 95 Hz LPF setting includes INFRA technology designed to extend LF without a port.

U.S. MAP price of the new Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub 10 is $1,750, and it’s available now.

TransAudio Group

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