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Wireworks To Debut Highly Flexible BG Unisex XLR Cords At 2009 InfoComm

Couples Wireworks cabling with Neutrik convertCON connector

By PSW Staff June 5, 2009

The new Wireworks BG Unisex XLR cord

Wireworks will introduce adaptable BG Unisex XLR cords at the upcoming 2009 InfoComm 2009 show in Orlando (booth 5221). 

The highly flexible BG Unisex XLR cords match up the company’s MusiLUX microphone cable or AES/EBU digital cable with Neutrik’s convertCON connectors, ensuring proper connection.

The cords can be used in both microphone and line level applications and are ideal for system designers, integrators, sound engineers and sound techs that require the ability to connect a variety of gear without worrying about XLR connector gender issues. 

Neutrik’s convertCON is a new three-pin male and female cable connector in a single housing ─ by simply sliding the housing back and forth, convertCON is transformed from a male to female connector.

Wireworks BG cords are available in four configurations: convertCON to convertCON, convertCON to XLR3 male, convertCON to XLR3 female and convertCON to quarter-inch TRS.  The new cable assemblies are offered in a variety of colors and standard lengths with custom lengths available upon request.

“By offering Neutrik’s state-of-the-art convertCON connector with our best-selling cabling products we are able to offer the ultimate in convenience to any install,” says Gerald Krulewicz, president of Wireworks.  “Both the installer and user will truly benefit from this product, as they do not need to worry about gender issues associated with setting up typical microphone cords on both large- and small-scale installation projects.”

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