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QSC Highlights K Series Compact Powered Loudspeakers At 2010 Winter NAMM

Systems pack 1,000 Watts of Class D amplification

By PSW Staff January 23, 2010

QSC K Series compact powered loudspeakers

When K Series loudspeakers are pole-mounted, the Tilt-Direct pole socket converts to a 7.5-degree down-tilt with a simple 180-degree rotation of the dial.

A locking IEC power cord is included, preventing accidental disconnect during a performance.

For installed applications, connecting a commonly available potentiometer to the unit allows the operator to obtain gain control from a remote location.

Multiple K Series units can also be daisy-chained together to one centralized control.

Additionally, the K Series enters standby mode after five minutes of inactivity, both conserving power and enhancing ease of use.

The entire package is housed in rugged and sonically-friendly ABS (the sub in birch plywood) with steel grilles (2-way models) and carry-friendly ergonomic aluminum handles. The KSub also features low-noise casters for easy transport.

Three two-way models are available, with 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch woofer diameters, built around an advanced switch-mode power supply and Class D output section, the subwoofer power module also delivering 1,000 watts from an efficient and lightweight design.


The K12 is a 12-inch two-way system with 75-degree horizontal and vertical coverage. Low frequencies extend to 48 Hz (-10 dB high acoustic output, 131 dB peak).

Equally at home in the stage monitor role, the K12 enclosure has an angled side for use as a low-profile, horizontal wedge and a flat side for proper side-fill use.

The K10 is a 10-inch two-way system sharing the same amplification, HF device and low-frequency driver of the same high quality as its big brother, and offering 90-degree (conical) coverage and 129 dB peak output (low frequencies extending to 56 Hz.

The K10 can also be used as an ultra low-profile, horizontal wedge or sidefill.

The extremely compact size of this 8-inch loudspeaker won’t intrude on audience sightlines. Its 105-degree wide dispersion is a major advantage when the audience is up close to the loudspeaker.

Low frequencies extend to 61 Hz (-10 dB) and the unit outputs 127 dB.

For live reinforcement of bass instruments and drums, or higher level playback of recorded music, the KSub is the ideal supplement to the K Series two-way models – an M20 threaded pole socket (pole included) provides a secure, wobble-free method of elevating a mid-high speaker over the subwoofer.

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A pair of high-power 12-inch speakers in an optimized bandpass enclosure will handle everything the 1,000 watt power module can give them. Compact in size, and ergonomically designed, well-placed handles, noise-free casters along with an available accessory cover ease load-in and load-out.

Processing, Connectivity & Monitoring

While the DSP functions are optimized using Intrinsic Correction, DEEP, DMT and GuardRail technologies (with the high-pass filter included for use with subwoofer systems), two XLR-combo inputs, each with its own level control, are also provided.

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David Neil Black says

I’m in a working rock band and we just used our QSC K-Series System for a 7-week US Tour and are taking it out again for 5 weeks next month. We use K8s for both mains and monitors along with a pair of KSubs. We’ve used them in all kinds of venues, many with poor acoustics, and have enjoyed consistently excellent results.

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