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New Novation Automap 3 Pro Control Supports Multiple Hardware Devices

Another key new feature is the ability to drag and drop parameters between controls, making re-assignment very simple.

By PSW Staff January 29, 2009

New Novation Automap 3 Pro

When Novation first launched Automap Software Control in 2005, it signaled a fundamental change in the way DAWs and plug-ins could be controlled.

The launch of the new Automap 3 Pro has been enhanced with a wealth of much-anticipated features.

For the first time, Automap 3 Pro supports multiple hardware devices. This enables any of Novation’s intuitive hardware controllers to be stacked within the Automap server.

Mutiple Novation controllers can then work side by side to access separate parameters on different plug-ins simultaneously. This benefits both performing musicians and studio-producers, all of whom need immediate access to multiple plug-ins at the touch of a button.

Another key new feature is the ability to drag and drop parameters between controls, making re-assignment very simple.

Meanwhile, ‘Autoview’, when activated, automatically displays Automap 3 PRO on-screen as soon as a hardware control is touched, and then hides the GUI after release. See exactly what’s happening at all times without cluttering the screen with unnecessary windows.

Automap 3 Pro also includes all of the features of Automap Universal 2.0. It allows hardware controllers to interact with plug-in instruments and effects.

Opening up any Automappable plug-in instantly maps parameters to physical controls on Novation’s SL- and Nocturn controllers. These can be re-assigned using an ultra-quick ‘learn’ mode, which simply involves clicking the on-screen parameter and touching the desired hardware controller; a blessed relief from the tedious process of assigning continuous controllers to hardware devices.

In addition, the SL series includes transport controls and templates for all major DAW’s.

When booted up, Automap 3 Pro features an all-new start-up screen, which includes an automatic software updater, access to online tutorials and support, and DAW-specific set-up guides.

Multiple Device and Plug-in management tasks can also be accessed directly from this screen, ensuring quick and convenient maintenance of multiple clients and hardware units in even the most complex set-up. Automap 3 Pro also now has integrated HUI control, allowing hardware mixer control for all HUI compatible DAW’s directly from Automap Pro 3.

Automap 3 Pro will be included free with all forthcoming Novation hardware products, and is also available to all existing Automap users from

A reduced-feature Automap 3 Standard is also available as a free download from the website, and will include a few of Automap 3 Pro’s features, but will not support multiple devices.
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