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Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 700 Now Provides Multichannel Recording Option For Roland REAC Systems

Combining RSS V-Mixing Systems and digital snakes with SONAR V-Studio 700 makes for a fully-integrated end-to-end solution that takes productions from live events through post production and delivery

By PSW Staff February 11, 2009

Roland Systems Group, in partnership with Cakewalk, has just announced support of Roland’s Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) protocol with the SONAR VStudio 700.

By combining RSS V-Mixing Systems and Digital Snakes with SONAR V-Studio 700, customers can now have a fully-integrated, cost-effective, end-to-end solution that takes their productions from live events through post production and delivery.

SONAR REAC technology allows for up to 40 simultaneous channels of audio to be recorded into SONAR through any RSS V-Mixing System or Digital Snake, via a single Cat5e cable to Ethernet port connection.

The SONAR REAC driver has been updated and now supports audio monitoring through the SONAR V-Studio’s VS-700R audio interface. Once recording is finished, customers simply shift into production mode taking full advantage of SONAR V-Studio 700’s extensive capabilities for editing, mixing, mastering and delivery of their productions.

SONAR V-Studio 700 REAC Edition includes:
– SONAR 8 Producer Edition
– REAC Driver Kit
– Full version of Rapture Virtual Instrument
– VS-700R V-Studio I/O
– VS-700C V-Studio Console
– Integrated Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer
– V-LINK support for editing and control of EDIROL video hardware

The RSS V-Mixing System incorporates the RSS M-400 Live Digital Console, configurable digital snakes with high quality remotely controlled mic preamps, personal mixers and multi-channel recording options. This fully digital system eliminates the bulk and noise susceptibility typically associated with analog snakes and replaces it all with Cat5e (Ethernet/LAN) cable or fiber.

The system converts analog inputs to 24-bit digital streams at the stage via high-quality mic preamps located near the source. The V-Mixing System then secures the quality of audio signal throughout the complete system path en route to the M-400 V-Mixer Console, back to any outputs and on to the limitless splits positions such M-48 Live Personal Mixers.

The cornerstone of the V-Mixing System is REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication), a low latency, high quality audio transport protocol. REAC is capable of transmitting
40×40 channels of 24-bit audio at rates up to 96 kHz over inexpensive Cat5e cable.

Roland Systems Group Website


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