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Soundcraft Debuts New Lexicon-Equipped MPMi & MFXi Series Mixers

The mixers boast 32 effects presets, a user settings store function, 3 parameter controls and a tap tempo mode.

By PSW Staff April 6, 2009

The new Soundcraft MFXi and MPMi mixers. Take our Photo Gallery Tour of new products from this year's Prolight + Sound - Musikmesse.

Soundcraft has taken the MPM and MFX Series of mixers and given them both hardware and audio performance upgrades, with both introduced at the 2009 ProLight+Sound/Muzikmesse in Frankfurt.

The new Soundcraft mixers, known as the MFXi and MPMi Series (emphasizing the high input count on each), build on the strength of the original range by using vertically mounted PCBs with the control pots being nutted to the front panel. This not only increases the rigidity of the mixer and gives a firm operating feel, but also aids servicing should it ever be required.

As part of this review, all aspects of new the layouts were reviewed taking into account customer feedback over the past 18 months and this has yielded many other subtle but significant improvements to the layout, graphics and operation when compared to the original consoles

The MFXi has integral Lexicon effects, using the same AudioDNA processor featured in many of the Digitech and Lexicon outboard products, including the­­ Lexicon MX400. The mixers boast 32 effects presets, a user settings store function, 3 parameter controls and a tap tempo mode. These effects have been optimized for integration within the console to provide the lowest noise floor and to deliver the best sound.

Both the MFXi and MPMi provide two group buses, three aux sends, (two auxes and one FX send on the MFXi model) and two stereo input channels. The MPMi is available with 12 or 20 mic inputs, giving a maximum mix input capacity of 18 or 26 inputs, while the MFXi is offered in 3 frame-sizes with 8, 12 or 20 mic inputs, these having a mix capacity of 16, 20 or 28 inputs..

Soundcraft has taken the hardware development opportunity to fine-tune the audio design and to further enhance the audio performance of the mixers, further improving key specifications including noise and distortion performance.

What is unique about both new models, and a feature that will be appreciated by many, is the provision of a slot on the chassis which accepts a standard Kensington laptop computer cable lock, meaning that your mixer can be secured in a venue, installation or retail display.

The 12-channel versions are now supplied with rack mount ears included, while these are available as an option for the 8 and 20 channel MFXi model.

Soundcraft Website

Take our Photo Gallery Tour of new products from this year’s Prolight + Sound – Musikmesse.


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