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Behind The Scenes: Rat Sound’s New L-Acoustics K1 System,  Perspective From Dave Rat

Take PSW's exclusive photo gallery and video tour of Rat Sound's new system

By Keith Clark February 27, 2009

Left to right, Florent Bernard of L-Acoustics, Dave Rat, Bryan Grant of Britannia Row at the first-ever K1 training seminar, hosted by Rat Sound

Rat Sound Systems recently joined the L-Acoustics K1/KUDO Pilot Program with select other companies like Firehouse Productions, Sirius, and Black Box, and as a result, took delivery of a stadium-sized sound reinforcement system primarily comprised of 48 new K1 enclosures, 16 K1-SB subwoofers, 16 LA-RAK touring racks loaded with LA8 amplified controllers, and 24 SB28 subs.

The Pilot Program was created to provide advance field proofing of the new K1 flagship line source array enclosures for stadium and festival tour sound applications prior to its official product release in the next 24 months or so.

ProSoundWeb is providing a behind the scenes photo gallery of the new rig, backed up by a video tour a Rat Sound-hosted K1 training seminar (the first one ever, in fact) and subsequent K1 demonstration at ShowBiz Studios in Van Nuys, California. Further, we’re happy to present video commentary by Dave Rat and Florent Bernard, talking about the K1 as well as a wide range of system design concepts.

Rat Sound is a longtime V-DOSC (and, more recently, KUDO) user, with Dave Rat explaining about the decision to utilize the system: “Over a decade ago, I went down and listened to the L-ACOUSTICS V-DOSC and heard something entirely unique. Its amazing sound clarity and line source configuration changed the industry. Through my work as sound engineer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I have mixed on every sound system on the market, and the K1 is the first time I have heard something as exciting as when I first heard the V-DOSC. This is the new barometer by which all sound systems will be judged. Not to mention the fact that these hang 24 deep, they have a super-cool captive rigging system, and the radiation consistency is amazing.”

At Winter NAMM ‘09 in Anaheim last month, I talked with Dave about his considerable investment in this new, substantive, and specifically, wanted to know his thought process in making such a big expenditure at such a rocky economic time.

”I started seeing the economic slowdown coming over a year ago,” Dave told me. “I could see it emerging in our work with customers, and as we engaged with them. Albeit, it was subtle – but very real – in my estimation. So I started adjusting our business in several ways last February, in preparation, and that put us in a good position to now make this investment.

“To my way of thinking,” he continued, “you don’t want to do what the competition is doing. So if they’re downsizing right now, I want to be doing the opposite. Particularly if it’s in what I see as a smart direction, which in this case, is offering our customer base what I consider to be some of the truly great audio technology ever developed to this point.”

Dave also blogs on a regular basis, and if you haven’t visited his Roadies In The Midst site, I highly recommend it. He offers a lot more insight there about the K1.

Enjoy learning more about the new system with our photo gallery.

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