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Digital Audio Labs Adds New Intercom Accessory For Livemix Personal Monitor System

LM-MICPRE provides ability to use an external dynamic mic with the built-in intercom system; company also issues free firmware update.

By PSW Staff September 10, 2019

The new LM-MICPRE,intercom mic preamp for Livemix from Digital Audio Labs.

Digital Audio Labs has announced the LM-MICPRE, a new USB powered intercom microphone preamp for the company’s Livemix personal monitor system.

The LM-MICPRE provides the ability to use an external dynamic microphone with the built-in intercom system, and it also helps in saving channels on the personal mixers or console. Any standard dynamic mic can be used as an intercom mic with the LM-MIC-PRE.

When using an external mic, the intercom button can be configured in one of three different modes. “Always On” will leave the intercom microphone active at all times. With “Latch Mode,” one button press will turn the intercom microphone on and another press will turn it off. In “Push To Talk” or momentary mode, the intercom mic will be active only while the button is being depressed.

The LM-MICPRE also works with the optional FP-2 foot pedal. The same button functionality can be assigned to the first foot switch button for hands free intercom operation.

To complement this launch, Digital Audio Labs has released a free firmware update that expands the functionality of Livemix. Rolled into this update are improved mix saving, the ability to add accessory channels to groups and an expansion of the popular MirrorMix function.

Using MirrorMix, a Livemix user can audition and remotely mix another user. A new Global MirrorMix expands on this by adding the ability to instantly send a mix to all personal mixers.  The new Livemix LM-MICPRE preamp is listed at $249, and both the preamp and the firmware update are available now. The firmware is available for download here.

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