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Todd-AO Hollywood Unveils New Euphonix System 5 Digital Consoles

The addition of these new Euphonix consoles brings the total to eight Euphonix consoles for Todd-AO overall

Euphonix has announced that Todd-AO, one of the world’s leading audio post production companies, has installed two dual-operator Euphonix System 5 digital audio mixing systems at their Hollywood facility.

Both of the new Euphonix System 5 consoles have 80 faders, include over 400 DSP channels and come with EuCon Hybrid that enables the console to control not only the Euphonix DSP channels but also external ProTools HD DAWS that are installed on Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Todd-AO Hollywood.

ProTools channels and Euphonix DSP channels can be placed anywhere on the console surface and mixed simultaneously – a unique feature of the System 5.

With the installation of the two stages complete, Todd-AO also announced that three-time Academy Award-winning Re-recording Mixer Michael Minkler will move to the freshly upgraded Stage 1 at the Hollywood facility. Currently Minkler, along with Re-recording Mixer Tony Lamberti, is mixing Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds on the Euphonix System 5.

“One way Todd-AO maintains a dominant position in Hollywood’s high-end feature film market is by being able to respond decisively to the evolving needs of our clients. Euphonix consoles help us to do that,” said Bill Johnston, SVP Engineering CSS-Studios. “Euphonix consoles’ combination of integrated DSP and native workstation control gives us a unique edge.”

Specifically configured for motion picture mixing, the System 5 digital film console offers an uncompromising digital audio system that is easy-to-learn and designed for fast access to film-specific mix controls. The system can be fitted with a film style monitoring panel including pec-direct switched and joysticks.

“Todd-AO’s commitment to the art of film is a testament to their success. That is why it is a privilege to have such a well-respected post production house committed to Euphonix as well,” said Mike Franklin Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Euphonix. “With eight Euphonix consoles installed so far, Todd-AO is an overwhelming endorsement to the sound quality and performance Euphonix film mixing consoles offer.”

In the last eight years dubbing teams mixing on Euphonix System 5 consoles have been nominated for the Oscar in sound mixing nine times and have won the coveted award six times, including Black Hawk Down, Dreamgirls, and The Bourne Ultimatum which were all mixed at Todd-AO facilities.

Since the installations, projects completed on the new Euphonix consoles at TODD-AO Hollywood include Crank: High Voltage and Gamer.

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