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TMB Bank Invests In Allen & Heath

Multi-purpose auditorium in Thailand equipped with dLive C3500 surface, DM0 MixRack, DX164-W wall-mounted expanders and IP1 remote controller.

One of Thailand’s largest financial institutions, the TMB (formerly the Thai Military Bank), has recently undergone an audio transformation of its multi-purpose auditorium, centered on an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system.

The seventh floor of TMB’s Bangkok headquarters houses the 500-seat auditorium, used for functions and meetings, interspersed with live performances. Due to the size and shape of the venue, a flexible and easy to use audio system was required. TMB enlisted the services of Allen & Heath’s Thai distributor, Sonos Libra (in conjunction with Multiline Professional), to deliver a solution.

The installation comprises a dLive C3500 surface, a DM0 MixRack fitted with a Dante card, four DX164-W wall-mounted expanders and an IP1 remote controller.

dLive C3500 positioned in control room

Located in a discrete control room positioned at the back of the auditorium, the C3500 surface connects to the DM0 via Allen & Heath’s gigaACE protocol. The four DX164-W expanders connect to the DM0’s integrated DX ports and are fitted into the walls at various points around the auditorium, accommodating a variety of different room configurations.  Additionally, the Dante card fitted in the DM0 is utilised for audio distribution to 3rd party Dante hardware in the foyer and back of the venue.

Operations such as source selection, volume control or pre-set changes within the main performance area are managed through the IP1 wall-mounted controller, with wireless iPad control also possible via the dLive MixPad app. dLive’s automatic mic mixing feature is employed for conferencing applications involving multiple open mics.

IP1 remote controller (wall mounted)

Alfonso Martin, head engineer at Sonos Libra, comments, “Allen & Heath’s dLive system suited the application perfectly, with the combination of flexibility, reliability and the multiple options for remote audio, both through Dante and through the gigaACE protocol. The dLive surface with the IP1 controller is a powerful combination, allowing as much or as little control as needed, and the great looking remote wall panels which allow for high input counts are one of a kind in the industry.”

Allen & Heath

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