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TiMax Enhances Vocal Performance At Proscenium Theatre In Sweden

TiMax TrackerD4 stagetracking automation to improve amplified voice applications at the Folkteatern in Göteborg.
The sound team at Göteborg Folkteatern, left to right, Allan Antilla, Caroline Wickberg and Emelie Odelberg.

The 400-seat main proscenium theatre at the Folkteatern in Göteborg, Sweden, which presents a broad repertoire ranging from classical pieces like “Hamlet” to contemporary, political and satirical plays, recently added TiMax TrackerD4 stagetracking automation to improve amplified voice applications.

As in-house sound engineer Allan Antilla explains, the TrackerD4 was added so that “the audience can keep track of who’s voice they’re hearing when we use microphones.” The TiMax TrackerD4 controls a d&b Soundscape system, which he notes, “really needed a tracking system to do what we wanted it to do, so TiMax TrackerD4 was the obvious choice.”

Allan specified TiMax TrackerD4 for the venue’s main proscenium theatre because, as longstanding beneficiaries of TiMax tracker-controlled spatial audio, Allan and the sound team at Folkteatern appreciate the time and effort that is saved whilst achieving significant improvements in sound quality and balance from the actors’ radio mics. In Allan’s opinion, “that time and effort can now be used to enhance the audience’s experience of the artistic performance.”

In addition, Folkteatern’s alternative black box performance space has a TiMax SoundHub processor automated by a prior first-generation TiMax Tracker acquisition, thereby providing the capability to present spatially-enhanced immersive experiences for audiences in both venues

Allan states that he’s “very pleased” with the improvements brought about by the introduction of the TiMax TrackerD4 system, concluding, “As the audience find it easier to follow what the actors are saying, us ‘soundworkers’ have much greater freedom with what can be added to the sound environment, without it just being a distraction.”


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