Third-Party Loudspeaker Settings Now Available For Dynacord Electronics Via SONICUE Software

Engineered by Dynacord to reproduce the manufacturer settings, field-tested by professionals to verify accuracy.

Dynacord has announced that presets from several third-party manufacturers are now available for use with Dynacord electronics via SONICUE sound system software. (Go here for the list of brands/databases.)

The new additions expand the lineup of third-party loudspeaker options for integration into the SONICUE ecosystem along with Dynacord’s range of hardware, which includes TGX, IPX, L and C series power amplifiers as well as the new MXE5 matrix mix engine.

The new presets are designed to reproduce the original manufacturer settings, with professional, sample-independent listening and testing executed to verify accuracy. “We had the opportunity to compare the new presets for our TGX series amplifiers with the leading manufacturer-recommended amps,” states Pat Kearney, Senior Production Manager, Powa Productions (Victoria, Australia). “The results were inspiring to see, both in our bench tests and in terms of sonic performance: TGX made good loudspeakers sound even better. Each preset we tested had the same voicing as the manufacturer settings, but the ability of TGX to control LF and extend HF made them sound outstanding. When the application calls for it, we’d be more than happy to use TGX across our full range of loudspeaker systems.”

“We used a TGX20 to drive our L-Acoustics Kara system with the SB18 sub on the bottom end,” adds Colin Smith of CWS Sound & Lighting (Peterborough, UK). “The Kara/SB18 settings on this amp sounded fantastic. From the powerful, well-rounded sub, which was set to 100 Hz, through the clear vocal midrange, right through to the crisp-yet-smooth high end, the amp performed to a very high standard.”

Dynacord electronics offer integrated 96 kHz resolution with FIR-Drive processing; power density options of up to 20 kW from a single amplifier; OMNEO IP architecture, incorporation of Dante audio, AES70 control and more; Eco Rail technology, designed to reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent; Ghost Power, a technology for power outages; flexibility both for low- and high- impedance applications, with parallel and parallel/bridged power drive modes; and a plugin for interoperability with the Q-SYS platform.

Factory presets for the complete portfolio of Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeaker models are also available, developed in collaboration between Fulcrum Acoustic and Dynacord.

Go here to download the latest version of SONICUE, and here to download the third-party loudspeaker setting databases.


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