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The Editing Company Of Houston Utilizes Middle Atlantic To Optimize Workflow

Production and post facility opts for custom-designed Edit Center furniture for the edit suites that specifically conforms to the size and space required

Fully recovered and thriving after a flood that devastated the facility two years ago, The Editing Company is celebrating 34 years of growth with well over 30,000 successfully completed projects.

The audio/video production and post facility was the first video production facility in Houston to offer the 1-inch video format, digital Betacam, D2 video, and AVID non-linear editing capability. When the facility reopened in a new location after the flood, they upgraded all of their equipment with the latest digital technology and more production rooms to better accommodate their clients.

Owner Nancy Clinton notes that The Editing Company now has “three state-of-the-art HD edit suites, each with Final Cut Pro, AVID and Premier software, fully interconnected on a high-speed XSAN storage network. We also have one 30 x 30 foot video production studio, a ProTools audio recording and editing studio, a soundproof room, and a sophisticated central Tape Room that accommodates 12 distinct video formats.”

A multiple ADDY (American Advertising Award) winner also honored with Millimeter magazine’s national Facility Design Award, The Editing Company has a repeat client list that includes national retailers (Conn’s) and food chains (Chili’s, McDonald’s), airlines (Southwest), healthcare and hospital systems, universities, energy and financial services companies.

“When the flood happened, we had to rebuild from scratch, starting with the latest digital equipment and going from there,” explains editor David van Es. “Now we can do anything from ‘mom and pop’ jobs to more complex and demanding high-end corporate video and broadcast projects.

“The equipment makes us expandable,” he continues. “We can fulfill any need at pretty much any price point and give a high-end look to any client that comes in, whether it’s a documentary for International Fund for Africa or someone who wants to edit an iPhone video and output it to YouTube. We also do a lot of promotional videos, and are probably the only facility in Houston that does close captioning in HD. We can also work in about 60 foreign languages.”

As part of the renovation, The Editing Company also opted for Middle Atlantic when it came to furniture, racks and power conditioning. “We chose Middle Atlantic custom-designed Edit Center furniture for the edit suites that specifically conforms to the size and space required and we’re very happy with how they worked out for us,” Clinton says. “We also have custom coffee tables in front of the long sofas and client tables behind the sofas with holes cut out for phones and computer laptop drops.

“Working with Broadcast Technical Services of Houston, Middle Atlantic actually brought the furniture out with their truck to demo it, showed us samples of different wood tones and materials, and we chose exactly what we wanted. It was all manufactured wonderfully and delivered just as ordered.”

van Es adds about the furniture, “As an editor, you want to have everything at your fingertips so having the side tables alongside saves me a lot of time and effort sliding back and forth. You also have that second level riser for the monitors, which gives us more table space to work with.”

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Michael Hobart of Broadcast Technical Services adds, “Besides the VRK racks and Edit Center consoles, they’re using power conditioning equipment such as the Middle Atlantic UPS 2200R uninterruptible power supply which has worked really well for them since we’ve had it in there. The ease of working with Middle Atlantic and the fact that they would custom-build anything, even parts that weren’t in their system, made everything go so much more smoothly. They never said they couldn’t do anything we needed.”

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