The Aux-Fed Subwoofer Technique: Getting More Control Of The Low End

Latest guide clarifies the details and setup of aux-fed subwoofers and details what this approach actually encompasses and accomplishes.

Chapter 5 of “Everything You Wanted to Know About Subwoofers” is now available as a free download (PDF) on ProSoundWeb (here).

This new chapter, titled “The Aux-Fed Subwoofer Technique,” details a method designed to reduce low-frequency “muddiness” from loudspeaker systems. Authored by Tom Young, who served as a top AV consultant, system designer, and mix engineer, this chapter:

  • Describes the setup of aux-fed subwoofers
  • Explains the benefits compared to a traditional subwoofer approach
  • Clarifies misconceptions about aux-fed
  • Answers frequently asked questions
  • And more!

Presented by Fulcrum Acoustic, the series features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International providing their insights on the evolution, designs, configurations and more of sub-bass systems for live sound reinforcement.

The series will offer six (6) chapters in total, all available as free downloads, over the coming weeks, with the authors sharing their decades of professional audio experience with this vital and interesting topic.

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