TGM Audio Introduces WAVibe Automatic Mastering

New online mastering software and service focuses on the needs of the home and project studio.

TGM Audio has announced the introduction of the WAVibe Automatic Mastering System from the same studio that produced The Audio Mastering Blueprint, free guide to producing better masters.

After many years of development and testing, David S. Eley, owner of TGM Audio, has finally made this service available to the general public.

“The system processes audio through a carefully crafted system involving years of experience mastering thousands of audio files,” says Eley.

Designed to meet the needs of home and project studios on limited budget, WAVibe presents a cost-effective solution for professional mastering.

Building upon the success of TGM Audio’s in-house mastering services, WAVibe opens the door for international access to quality mastering through online uploading of various file types.

Audio files are uploaded into WAVibe, which analyzes it, makes calculated decisions based on the audio file itself and the information input by the user, then renders a finished master; producing two finished masters as mp3 and a 24bit WAV files.

The mp3 reference version is automatically delivered back to the user free of charge after the process is completed. The high-resolution 24bit WAV is sent to secure online storage for purchase and download if the user is satisfied and chooses to purchase the final product.

TGM Audio does not make unrealistic claims about the use or limits of the product or service.

“It can’t repair a bad mix like a human mastering engineer might do, but if your mix is okay, I predict you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised with the results,”  says TGM Audio owner David S.Eley.

“I don’t think a machine could ever trump a human at being an audio mastering engineer, not in our lifetime. But having studied the industry in order to market my tutorials and mastering services, I know there’s a group of people out there who this service is meant for.”

WAVibe Automatic Mastering System
The Audio Mastering Blueprint

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