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Texas Union Theater Updates With Fulcrum Acoustic

Ford Audio-Video Systems adds FL283 four-module line arrays with Sub218L dual 18-inch subwoofers to support cinematic and live events.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Union Theater hosts a diverse array of student-centric programming including films, plays, musical performances and lectures. The university engaged Ford Audio-Video Systems to design and install a much-needed AV update for the theater.

Ford project engineer Charles Croley turned to Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers to project the right sound for the Texas Union Theater’s cinematic and live events.

“We flew left/right Fulcrum FL283 four-module line arrays that seamlessly cover the room without obscuring the screen or projector,” explains Croley. “The FL283s sound great and their Passive Cardioid Technology keeps sound focused on the audience, and off the architecture and stage.” 

With no space behind the screen to work with, two compact Fulcrum CX Series coaxial loudspeakers were deployed as center channel loudspeakers in a small open ceiling space above the stage lip. A CX1295 12-inch coaxial loudspeaker (90° x 45°) covers the near field and a CX1265 (60° x 45°) handles the 70-foot long throw to the back of the theater.

Physical space challenges also precluded flying subwoofers above the stage. Croley deployed two low-profile Fulcrum Sub218L dual 18-inch subwoofers under the theater’s shallow stage to achieve the low frequency extension and high output needed for film sound effects and live music reinforcement.

“There’s always a delicate balance in designing a sound system to meet the needs of both cinematic and live sound,” relates Croley. “Fulcrum’s technologically advanced loudspeakers perfectly augment the system’s Dolby cinema surround sound upgrade, and deliver high-fidelity sound reinforcement for live performances and events. That versatility really came in handy for the Texas Union Theater.”

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