Teradek Now Shipping Camera-Top Internet Streaming HD Video Encoder

Teradek has announced that the Cube, the first camera-top HD video encoder also to provide the capability for internet streaming, is now shipping.

Cube encodes HD video at up to 1080i using advanced H.264 High Profile Level 4.1 compression.

The Cube is housed in a miniaturized, rugged aluminum enclosure weighing only 7 ounces with a locking Lemo power connector. It has no moving parts which ensures greater reliability and quiet operation.

This new device provides the ability to stream HD video over IP, which provides users several applications previously unavailable with current hardware.

Using a standard HD video camera, live video can broadcast with only access to a WiFi access point, a LAN port, or broadband Internet connection.

The Cube is intended to help turn seminars into live webinars, for broadcasting youth, high school, and college sports, streaming local theater and community events over the web, and much more. Filmmakers have found the Cube perfect for vehicle-to-vehicle video monitoring, steadicam operating, and connecting first-unit production crews with second-unit crews, and even streaming HD video to distant production offices.

The Cube has been tested extensively in real-world conditions and performs well both indoors or outdoors.

Cube’s bandwidth requirements mean the ability to deliver 1080i high definition video in the 3-4Mbps range, an 80% reduction in bitrate requirements when compared to MPEG-2. The Cube also features a built-in format converter for image scaling when a smaller image size or lower bandwidth are desired

“We’re on the cusp of a sea change in video distribution. Increased bandwidth and advances in video encoding allow anyone to stream live, broadcast-quality video over the web,” said Rod Clark, Director of Marketing at Teradek.

“The stunning video capabilities of modern mobile devices like smart phones are transforming the way content is delivered.”

“Over the next few years these technologies will revolutionize how people communicate, from citizen broadcasting, education, video conferencing, to live coverage of local sporting events, or even live video for social networking. Everything will change. It’s changing now.”


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