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Tempus Fugit: Making “The Green Monster” Come Alive In Vegas

Truth In Audio finally goes public with the restomodded Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) KF750 three-way concert loudspeakers.

Time flies. That was foremost among many thoughts as we were traveling to participate in the LDI show in Las Vegas last October with a “restomod” loudspeaker system that was about 95 percent complete. As detailed here and here, my organization, Truth In Audio, took on the quest of outfitting a series of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) KF750 three-way concert loudspeakers, introduced in the 1990s, with modern components.

As to the remaining five percent of the project, well, it would need to be handled on the show site, including the completion of two enclosures, the loading of the specialized processor settings from Dave Gunness of Fulcrum Acoustics, some various other odds and ends – and then, how about we hear this system for the very first time in front of numerous production personnel from around the industry!

One of my primary goals with this system, which we dubbed “The Green Monster,” was to witness (and participate in as well), from a first-hand standpoint, the collaboration between like-minded people. As our ShowHauler pulled into the parking lot at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I was greeted with a contingent of professionals, all offering their time and expertise to make this happen.

There was Chris Anderson, the owner of Anderson Audio, who provided the system in the first place, as well as noted front of house engineer Robert Scovill, who all along has made a huge effort to participate.

Robert Scovill at the helm of the Gamble EX56 console.

Then there were the friends who jumped in like audio veterans Martin Frey, Vic Wagner and Matt McQuaid – all people I’ve both worked with over the years in addition to developing wonderful friendships. Last but certainly not least, there was Chris Wilson, who had made the journey from Texas to Escondido, CA and then on to Las Vegas with the front of house package provided by Sound Image.

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