Tectonic Audio Launches New Flat-Panel Loudspeaker & Subwoofer

Neew DML500 loudspeaker is designed to generate 165-degree dispersion; new LS-118 subwoofer incorporates single 18-inch woofer with bent bass flex port.
The new DML500 loudspeaker and LS-118 subwoofer from Tectonic Audio Labs.

Tectonic Audio Labs has announced the next evolution of its Distributed Mode Loudspeaker line with the unveiling of the DML500 as well as the launch of its first front-firing passive subwoofer, the LS-118.

The company’s Bending Wave Technology is designed to provide diffuse loudspeaker behavior that generates 165-degree dispersion coverage and high-quality performance in the reverberant audio field.

In addition, the DML500 is lighter, slimmer and lower in cost than other models in the line.

“Customer demand is extremely high for commercial audio systems that deliver supreme intelligibility in challenging acoustic environments, while adhering to tight installation timelines and budgets,” states Heidi Keele, chief marketing officer for Tectonic. “With our new products, we can deliver on all three.”

The new LS-118 subwoofer incorporates a front-loaded single 18-inch woofer with a bent bass flex port. It can be ground stacked or hung in multiples of two, three or four units.

The subwoofer is rated to handle 2,400 watts of program power and 3,600 watts of peak power. It’s compatible with Tectonic Distributed Mode Loudspeakers and other mid to high frequency loudspeakers.

“As consumer trends about audio and sound continue to evolve, brands are looking for new ways to deliver a more immersive audio experience at a lower cost,” says Craig Hubbell, Tectonic president and CEO. “We strive to meet that need with innovative technology and unique loudspeaker designs that adapt to current expectations.”

Tectonic Audio Labs

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