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Technology Upgrade At University In Germany Incorporates CODA Audio

into>noise equips three lecture halls at School of Life Science in Munich with a variety of loudspeakers that include TiRAY, ViRAY, HOP models and more.
One of the lecture halls at the School of Life Science in Munich recently outfitted with CODA Audio loudspeakers.

The School of Life Sciences, part of the Technical University of Munich, recently equipped three of its lecture halls with new technology, including sound reinforcement systems utilizing CODA Audio loudspeakers and supporting technology.

Located at the Weihenstephen Campus in Freising, Upper Bavaria, the faculty offers degree programmes in the fields of organic, agricultural and nutritional sciences among others.Overall responsibility for the installation rested with GSVA mbH/Klaus Kuttenhofer, who brought in Fürstenfeldbruck-based company into>noise, led by Andreas Zeh and Tobias Förster, to take care of the audio element.

“The task was a tough one,” Zeh says. “We needed to obtain the best possible sound, eliminate the possibility of feedback, and make the systems as easy as possible to use. One of the three venues required top cinema-quality audio… Over recent years, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with CODA Audio – the brand offers excellent products, top support and just as importantly, a first class price/performance ratio. The sound and handling of the systems is so convincing that they were my first choice from the very beginning for this demanding installation.”

into>noise installed systems into Halls 14,15 and 16 on the site, deploying a range of products from the CODA portfolio. In Hall 14, the largest of the three auditoriums, into>noise installed a mono center cluster consisting of 10 ViRAY loudspeakers in bi-amped modeas well as dual HOPS5 loudspeakers on each side to provide side fills and two HOPS8 loudspeakers as delays.

Hall 15 sees the use of two arrays of six TiRAY units and two HOPS8 as delays, while Hall 16, the smallest space, required a quality cinema-grade approach. Zeh and Förster opted for a stereo main of TiRAY arrays, an HOPS8 for delay and two APS-SUB subwoofers flown centrally in the ceiling. CODA Audio LINUS10-C and LINUS5-C DSP amplifiers drive all loudspeakers.

“In a situation where no audio or media technicians are assigned to operate the systems, the danger of feedback is not to be sneezed at,” Zeh concludes. “Even though the PAs are located on one axis, or up to two meters behind presenters with lavalier microphones, we have ensured that everything is under control. That includes when the lecturers go into the hall and interact with students using audience microphones, which may have presented potential problems. Everyone is very happy with the outcomes.”

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