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Tech Tip Of The Day: Fast DAW Session Setup

How can I eliminate downtime between tracks when I record with my DAW? Is there an easy way to make presets?

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Q: I do a great deal of recording in my home studio with a number of bands which I really enjoy.

However, one thing I’ve found that takes up a major amount of my time when recording is setting up my ProTools sessions between each track!

I’m not saying I don’t like doing work, but is there a quick and easy way to streamline this really tedious task from my workflow?

A: There is, indeed, an easy trick to speed up your setup time between tracks.

When you begin your session, build a blank session in your DAW with all the necessary audio tracks, routing options, and effects in place.

Then, before you actually begin recording, save the session under the name “Template.”

When you’re ready to record the first song, save the Template session again under the song’s name using the “Save As” option in the File Menu.

For each subsequent song, open the Template file (the one with no audio recorded into it yet), use “Save As” again, name it for the song you’re working on, and record.

This works equally well in all DAW’s, not just in ProTools, and it allow you to have all your inputs, effects, and monitoring ready with instant recallability between each track, which should really help eliminate some downtime.

As always, we welcome input from the PSW community and would love to know how you would handle this situation. Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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