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Tech Focus: Variable Intensity (VI)

Inside a patented loudspeaker design from Electro-Voice that minimizes front-to-back level variation in rectangular spaces.

The EVC series is the latest member of the Electro-Voice EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeakers, and it includes the EVC-1122-VI Variable Intensity model incorporating new technology providing optimized coverage.

Specifically, the 2-way EVC-1122-VI is designed to cover a defined rectangular audience area with almost no variation in sound quality and minimal change in level from the front to the back of the audience.

The high-frequency section of the EVC-1122-VI comprises a single 1 1/4-inch, pure titanium dome compression driver directly coupled to a unique, compound waveguide that combines the functionality of long-throw and short-throw horns in a single acoustic device.



The mounting angle of the woofer and the downward-facing asymmetrical waveguide work together to evenly cover a clearly defined, rectangular audience area with single loudspeaker system.


The VI uses the same 12-inch woofer as the other EVC-1122 models, but has a different crossover network, enclosure configuration and system tuning. The components are housed in a compact, low-profile enclosure that tucks neatly into ceilings and corners.

The dimensions of the coverage area are determined entirely by the mounting height and aiming angle of the loudspeaker. Audio performance has been enhanced significantly by utilizing updated drivers and the entirely new waveguide (each designed with the latest acoustical and Multiphysics modeling tools) – so much so that the EVC-1122-VI will serve as an impressive music system that also does double duty as a natural, articulate speech system.


All EVC models are voiced so that they can be seamlessly used in systems with other EV-Innovation series models (EVA, EVF, EVH, EVU); the EVC-1122-VI can be used in conjunction with any of these, including the other two-way systems in the EVC series. It can also be used as a full-range standalone system or as a mid/high-frequency enclosure matched to the EVC-1181S subwoofer.

Premium-quality, super-durable EV Coat comes standard (in black or white) on all EVC models. Weather-resistant PI versions are available for enhanced resilience against the elements, with stainless steel grilles, hydrophobic cloth and a dual gland nut cover for the input panel. For 70/100-volt operation, the input panel has an internal landing pad for mounting EV’s high-quality TK150 audio transformer (see the Automatic Saturation Compensation (ASC) article for more details).

In summation, the EVC-1122-VI is a unique design offering an effective, single-box solution for an everyday acoustical challenge.

Go here to download the EVC-1122-VI data sheet (PDF), and find out more about the EVC series via the following video:


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